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I'm currently an EMT, but I'm planning to apply to a master's entry program soon. From my own experiences, some of the ER nurses are disrespectful to EMT's. Some nurses don't appreciate the care... Read More

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    LOL theres no way you can earn an ADN online. No way at all...
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    Quote from zimmer894
    LOL theres no way you can earn an ADN online. No way at all...
    Have your LPN? Excelsior College ADN is online.
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    And I know a handful of Paramedics that have done Excelsior.
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    I love EMTs, and I treat them like colleagues. Love em.
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    I am sorry for how you have been treated. In my regular experience with our EMTs and Paramedics, there are a couple I think of as 'just taxi drivers'. But that's because there are some under performers in every profession, including nursing. In general, we love the care our EMTs and Medics give, and are grateful to the pre-hospital work they do as well as the care we can tell they will give to those we transfer out.