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Note to self regarding CEN renewal...

  1. 1 Silly me, I assumed that submitting my CEN renewal today would just tack another four years on after my expiration date in mid-May ... but NOPE! I am now up for renewal four years from today. Dangit. I shorted myself 2.5 months of certification! Oh well. Live and learn. So for those of you renewing, you might want to wait until a little closer to your expiration date!

    On another note, I can't believe it's been almost four years since I took the CEN exam. LOL. Time flies!
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    ......I learned that as well....LOL
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    I figure if that's the worst "duh" thing this week, I'm doing okay.
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    As long as I never have to take a certification test again, I don't care if I renew early and lose a couple of months
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    Thanks for the heads up.