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Hello everyone I am currently facing a dilemma and I need some guidance. Today, I received a phone call to go in for an interview next week for a staff nurse position at a level 1 trauma center ER. I can't even say I am a... Read More

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    You can always leave if you don't like it, but you can't go back in time!
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    Yea.. Pretty nuts to not take that opportunity because its a night shift!! take it and if it really bothers you .. You can make a decision after .. My dream job was the ER.. & unlike most of my graduating class , I not only got a job, but I got the ER as a graduate nurse.. I found out that for my personality it wasn't a good place to start .. I was too hard on myself as a new nurse ! But at least I took the opportunity & I learned a lot from it! I think you'll be surprised and love it.. I mean.. If you don't want to be on the floor ..& want the ER .. Then level 1 trauma is where you should be! Like CP2013 was saying .. Many people work hard for years to get the opportunity you are being handed right out of school! ROCK IT!!
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    People would literally KILL to be in your position. You would be absolutely NUTS if you didn't take this position, and I really do feel like if you turn it down, you'll kick yourself later.
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    I've been a nurse for 10 years. I work in a level 1 trauma center in a city where new grads aren't able to get jobs anywhere right now. It's overwhelming enough being a new grad, even more I think in an e.r. I don't usually recommend new grads to start in an e.r. get your organization skills down. Bottom line take what u can get, if its a night shift u will adjust and money is better. Good luck
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    Quote from k-flo
    Hello everyone

    What should I do? This is one of the only two level 1 trauma centers in town and the other hospital will not consider new grads, they only hire nurses with at least 1 yr of ER experience. Would I be totally crazy to pass up this opportunity just because it's the night shift?

    Yes you'd be crazy to pass on this opportunity. But remember it's just an interview.
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    You mentioned they are opening up a new hospital...maybe an earlier shift would open up at that time. I'd do everything I could to get my foot in the door if you want ED. Good Luck! Go prepared for your interview (see my recent post about it).
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    wHAT DO YOU DO? You pray you get the graveyard shift job and then be thankful every night you are workign there. Seriously! Commit to one year and DO IT!!! Good luck on the interview and readjust your time clock.
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    You would be NUTS to pass up the job if you are offered it. You may find that you won't even be on nights very long before a day position opens... the wait list might not be as long as you think. As long as you have your foot in the door then that's all that counts. I was hired as a new grad for nights 24 hours, and before I was even off of orientation I had a job as day/eve 32 hours.
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    Yes I am aware it's just an interview but I do not want to waste anyone's time if I decide I don't want a night shift, that's why I asked for advice. I think I'm gonna go for it, my interview is Wednesday so I will post how it went! Thanks for the advice everyone
    Larry your post was very helpful!
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    If you're interested working trauma, you shouldn't pass this up. Don't expect days as a new grad, as many positions involve nights. You can get used to working nights, and there are many threads on AN providing tips for night shifters. I'd accept. Job search over.
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