How to welcome a new staff member to the ED - page 3

So...... I've had this orientee for nearly 6 weeks and I still haven't pranked him. Any suggestions? Ones that I have already done: 1) Got a tech to wait outside with a wheelchair for a... Read More

  1. by   313RN
    Do you see babies?

    Mom/dad have to be in on it...

    Parent calls your orientee and says something is bothering the baby. He starts his assessment, you come in behind with a loaded diaper.

    Ask 1: does this look like blood?
    2: does this smell like blood? (Take a whiff yourself)
    3: does it taste like blood? (dip a finger in and take a taste)

    Wait for his reaction.

    The diaper should be "filled" with baby food to look appropriately dark and not have an easily identifiable fruity smell

    I had this done to me once. I laughed like heck once the shock wore off.