How to get into a specialty area like ER w/o experience?

  1. Hello, I graduated in May, took my NCLEX in June and started working at a LTC/Rehab in June as well. But that is just not where I want to be. Don't get me wrong I love my resident's and my co workers I just want to do more with my license. I was wanting to get into emergency nursing, but I've got almost 6 months of experience in LTC/Rehab so I don't actually qualify at this time for internship, what can i do to be able to better myself so I can land myself a job in the ER? Any ideas will be appreciated. Ty for reading!
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  3. by   turnforthenurse
    Some hospitals offer fellowships which is basically an internship for a nurse with experience. If your local hospitals do not, apply anyway! You won't know until you apply.

    And I know it isn't the ER, but what about working in an LTAC? Having your LTC/rehab experience is a plus to getting into an LTAC facility/floor. LTAC is like LTC but these patients can be SICK...lots of antibiotics, TPN, patients on ventilators, etc! It would be good for getting into a more critical aspect of nursing and you will gain a lot of additional skills.

    Good luck!
  4. by   VICEDRN
    Try using the search tool here. Many many threads have been started about the exact same topic. You may find helpful information in those.
  5. by   Esme12
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    think trying to get into an acute care facility will help. I also think seeing if you can get into an LTAC (Long Term Acute care) will help. The is a search option in the upper right hand corner to search the sight and you may find some helpful information. Google Search Results for emergecny departmant new grad

    Start looking and start applying. You never know.
  6. by   TCrozierRN
    Thank you to everyone who responded i have been applying for er positions and acute rehabs i currently working in a sub acute rehab i get to do piccs and pegs. But i will use the search tool and see what i can find.
  7. by   liatard
    As others have said, you'll need to look for positions that will train you. I used Search for 'new grad,' 'internship,' etc. I would also recommend looking in smaller hospital systems, where internship programs won't be as impacted. I found an internship in a Level II trauma center right out of school this way. It's a hard specialty to get into as a new nurse, but if you're passionate enough about it you can do it! Good luck.
  8. by   DC Collins
    Just apply anyway, and emphasize your teamwork qualities. I went directly from school to the ED. It is possible.