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Nurses, how many times have you seen bad or poorly planned marketing in healthcare? Please share your comments and stories. Hospital name blurred out ;)... Read More

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    One of the ERs I work at has a 15 min gaurentee.

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    How about this one? I cropped the hospital name out at the bottom.
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    When I am sitting out at triage I always want to tell people, "congratulations you are going to sit out in the waiting room for a few hours, I have determined that you stand a 0.5% chance of having a life threatening emergency and you should instead of complaining about the anticipated wait, feel badly for the people I take back in front of you".

    Think our managers would go for it?
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    I love that this picture is floating around Facebook right now:

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    Yeah, that picture makes the rounds every few years, and I love it every time.
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    What The HECK at the broken arm kid campaign!? Why doesn't it just go a horrible step furthur and say "Too bad I didn't have a traumatic arrest! Then I could miss even more school!" or "I <3 Pain!"

    Geez LOL

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