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    looking at an xray that shows a toilet brush in the abdominal cavity via the rectum. Patient stated, "I fell on it" ?????? Seriously?

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    Quote from Runner1989
    "Well you see...I was just minding my own business when..."
    After drinking two beers, these 2 guys....

    Every story starts that way.
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    8 year old kid stuck two small magnets up his nose, they attached to each other at the septum. Fortunately, the doctor was able to pull them out. If the patient was 3, then it would have been understandable, but the kid was 8 for goodness sake.
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    Few months ago, admitted a patient through our ER to the ICU where I work. The report I got was patient had overdosed and was coming to us on a vent but stable. After further reviewing the patients chart, it quickly turned into the joke of the month. This particular patient, a young educated man with a masters degree in business, had Apparantly had a dream that he had pinworms. Subsequently he woke up at home with anal itching, drive himself to the store and bought two large bottles of doggie dewormer and drank them both. Ended up coming to the ER with nausea, high blood pressure and emesis. He brought the empty bottles with him but the ER physicians did not believe that was all he had taken. He was intubated in order to protect his airway while they figured out what was going on, and also to be able to give him propofol to calm him as he was irate and becoming a danger to himself and others. Sure enough, when it was all said and done, he was negative for everything but the worm medication. The quote that made this even more funny, as we were transferring him from the ER stretcher to our unit bed, the ER nurse tells me that he had defacated himself, and they had cleaned him the best they could, but he was going to need a good bath. I had to stop myself from laughing on front of the patient. And yes, he got his good bath and a good inspection of his anal area, where of course there were no worms. Next day he extubated himself and ended up being discharged home.
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