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  1. I am a new grad starting in the ER and am looking for a reference guide that I can carry with me. I have Mosby's Emergency Nursing Reference but it won't fit in my pocket?! I appreciate any feedback from those who know.
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    if this doesn't work, let me know. ( that's what i use, and many in the er! it's pretty cool!!!!!!!!

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    Another excellent guide is The ER/Trauma Checkmate, a little more expensive than the others, but worth every penny.

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    One of my coworkers who is as sweet as can be and a good nurse has program in her palm pilot. She uses it as med resource and calculating drip rates and stuff. She is pretty good with it too. However It is still faster to do it longhand than dig through that program. Hers is the hippocrates download. Lots of stuff, but slow. But it is a cute toy.

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    Go To
    They have several pocket guides I use
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