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    Just hired in ED. I'm currently working on a busy telemetry/step-down unit.

    A little background...was an LPN for 22 years- when my kids were all in school, I returned to school. My first RN position was a 6 month stay on a medsurg/drug ETOH detox unit. I was then hired to my present position, I wanted this position for the experience, and it's been great experience.

    I've really wanted to end up in ED. I figured after 15mos. in my present position I might qualify for ED. Not thinking I would really hear back, I applied, interviewed, and just found out I'm hired. All of my positions have been within the same hospital network, so I'm not job hopping.

    Now I'm feeling a little intimidated. And I'm sure you've figured that I'm an "older nurse".

    I guess I'm just looking for advice or reassurance from ER experienced nurses. Feeling really intimidated-even though I haven't started yet. But I'm also very excited!
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    I switched to ED 3 years ago after a varied career. I'm definitely older. I consider myself a journeyman nurse.

    I got bored and needed a change. I love the variety of the ED!
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    I'm easily bored, I think that's why I'm so attracted to ED. Hoping I've found my nitch so that I can stay put.

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    It's natural to feel intimidated since your going into a hectic work environment. Just always expect the unexpected. When it rains it pours, and even when it's not raining, a storm can hit you out of nowhere.
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    You'll never be bored in the ED but you could get jaded from the type of patients you see over and over and of course the workload is pretty insane. But orientation will walk you through everything step by step as long as you're a relatively fast learner you should be okay. I love the ED! Good luck!!
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    Go for it! With your previous experience you will be fine. Just curious are you working 8hr or 12 Hr shifts?
    Im planning on going back into the ER. I worked in the ER 10 yrs ago and did get "Jaded" as type1nurses stated. I was younger then and didn't see the big picture or plan for my life. I.g. The pay is not any better in the ER, but it's not always about the money. So I quit one day after working with a guy that was arrested and handcuffed to the bed, strung out on drugs and he was spitting on me while I was starting an IV, He was HEP B + of course. I was done! But ER is truly where me heart is and I love the variety of PEDS, OB and Adults. I want to going back but Im worried Im too old and cant handle the 12 Hr shifts at 43 y/o. We only have 12hrs no 8hrs where Iam, and the pay is not any more for the ER still, But after 16yrs of nursing, thats where Id rather be.
    Get some good shoes. Keep us posted and Good luck. You will do great!
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    Oh, and keep a sense of humor. Have fun!
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    Quote from SoFloRN
    I want to going back but Im worried Im too old and cant handle the 12 Hr shifts at 43 y/o.
    My coworker just retired at the age of 67 and he was going strong. I'm sure you should be fine
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    Thank You. And I'm working 12hr shifts. I'm 48, and I'm fine with 12h. I've been 7p-7a for past 1.5 years. ED is 11a-11p, can't wait. Love having 4 days off.
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    I work at a busy level 1 trauma center and I'm older than most of my colleagues which is part of what makes it fun... hanging with the young 'uns makes me feel young (despite my aching joints after a 12-hour hustle).

    The learning curve was pretty steep for me but it really comes back to the basics: ADPIE over and over and over again, minute by minute sometimes... ABC/CAB... AVPU... GCS... and on and on... it's really not that complicated, it just keeps moving.

    Personally, I don't ever see leaving the ED because I like the turnover and short-term relationships with the patients. My worst shifts are the ones that are essentially being a med-surg nurse for boarded patients.

    As long as you keep your wits about you, you should be fine.

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