ER newbie here, please give me some tips to meet my co-workers expectation

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    i will be assiegned to ER,and it is my first job experience, please give me some tips... especially transcultural nursing and trauma... thanks in advance

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    good luck. remember to slow down and think your way through a crisis.........even when things are moving quickly. take a breath and then go. rely on your previous knowledge and skills. plan to work harder than you have before on some days. you are the first line of health care so your assessment skills are crucial! don't be afraid to ask questions of people and coworkers. for multi cultural areas you really need to find a way to communicate through language barriers. it won't take long to figure out how people react to things - some are full of drama and some are stoic. (again with the assessment skills) it's sooooo much fun! enjoy!!!
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    Hello Mtreyes!
    Here is a link to the Transcultural Nursing Society. Check them out, maybe even join up! Good Luck in your career as an ED Nurse.
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    thanks to the both of you...
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    Congratulations and good luck with your new assignment! The main thing to remember is to know your limitations! Never be afraid to ask if you don't know something because your main goal is patient safety!! The ER is a busy, hectic, noisy, and confusing place. Take a deep breath and step back if you need to. After a particularly hectic trauma or code, talk to other team members and "de-brief" - ask what could have been done differently or why something was done. Also read, read, read. Ask team members to run you through practice drills. Most of all, enjoy! View each day as a learning experience. You will adjust to the ER in no time and love it!:groupwelcome:
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    it is nice to hear word of encouragement from all of you... i am becoming more excited with my new assignment....
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    Buy all everyday



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    what about reading materials? what can you suggest?
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    the smorgosboards are the best
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    Hi guys... Im also a newly grad and I'm going to have my 1st duty in the ER.. I happen to drop by to view some tips.. The tips you have given are more than what I expect.. I thank you all for the tips that you are giving to us.. Tnx..

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