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ER Interview need some help PLEASE!

  1. 0 So I just found out today that I have an interview at a local ED in my city Jan 9, 1 week away!!! I am graduating in may so this will be my first interview for a REAL NURSING job. I have been researching alot on interview tips and I think I am freaking myself out more more as I keep looking. I am just so nervous, and keep trying to think of questions she might ask me, and me not knowing the right answer. I worked in an ER over the summer and LOVED IT, I know ER nursing is my passion.

    One of the questions I know i will be asked is my strengths and weaknesses. I have plenty of strengths I can put down but what are some weaknesses? I was thinking: 1. Time management, because all new grads have this problem, but a website said dont put that! I am stuck on this question. Please if anybody can help me out I would greatly appreciate it and any other interviewing tips or questions that might be asked!! Its a week away and I am already freaking out!
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    Hi ;

    All you need to know is on this link
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    luv2luv life...

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    Hi, I just had this same interview a couple of months ago and got the job. First of all good luck with your interview. Give them a weakness that is something they would expect such as "I am not very good at inserting a foley catheter." or something that is not really a weakness but just a skill that you haven't mastered.
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    They know you are a new grad, so they are going to be more interested in your personal skills vs your clinical skills. Most hospitals I know of would put you in an internship for 3 months to build your skills. Good luck!
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    2 things....

    1. Dress like you mean business, wear very nice close and look professional, not casual. Scrubs are not professional for interviews.

    2. Bring hard copies of your resume and any letters of recommendation in nice folders, one for the recruiter and one for the manger/director. Never go to an interview empty handed.

    oh... just be yourself, you know your weakness and strengths, you know some great stories from nursing school, and you know what you have been taught in school. They don't expect you to know how to handle a ventilated pt when the vent goes down... buy the way... BAG THEM!

    Good luck!
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    Thanks everyone for your advice. My interview is finally coming tomorrow and I am a nervous wreck.. I can only do my best and hopefully answer the questions in the way she would like me to answer them. I am banking on that she sees the passion I have for the ER and she hires me!! I will let everyone know how I make out, Hopefully in a week I will be posting that I will be starting my RN career in the ER!! Wish me Luck! any last minute tips would be appreciated!
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    how was the interview? any tips :l i'm the one freaking out today...i'll have my interview two days from no O_O i have no idea what to do
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    This post is over 4 years old. Just sayin'.
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    lol i knooo...but still... even though it's 4 yrs ago, it can still be helpful.