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The nurses took report on both patients and prepared the trauma bays for a couple in their 80's who had been T-boned when the husband pulled into an intersection. No current life threatening... Read More

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    Quote from bebbercorn
    I was being precepted by a nurse once who got in the face of a surgeon yelling at her to run a pt straight to the OR, in order to let him kiss his wife goodbye. I'll never forget that courage. You probably did more than you know. God Bless you!
    New nurses on here are always asking older ones for advice. The OP and your post are great for letting them know to trust their own instincts and stand up for their patients in those times when no one else does. Even the hardest of doctors, etc will probably soften with the aftermath of these actions.
  2. by   jrbl77
    How wonderful this couple was able to have this last time together! You where very thoughtful.
  3. by   stargirl018
    oh so touching and inspirational. Thank you for sharing!
  4. by   gonzo1
    God bless you.
  5. by   Dangerous
    I am so proud of nurses. God bless you for your caring hearts. God bless you also on those days when you are so overwhelmed you cannot get to do the "extras" you want to do.
    You have touched my heart -- another caring nurse who gives my former profession a beautiful name.
    Last week an interview was featured on Here and Now -- "Nurses Make 'Profound' Connection With Family In Iran"
    Here and Now on National Public Radio had a story about a Marquette, MI hospital where ICU staff cared for a dying injured female & her family in the Middle East.
    Nurses Make ‘Profound’ Connection With Family In Iran | Here & Now
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    Oh My God, Thank you for making me cry like a baby! So touching, and so wonderful that you gave them those last moments together. <3
  8. by   C.COX
    Very tragic yet touching story. This is a good reminder of why I became a nurse, thank you for sharing.
  9. by   tofu-tofu
    Thank you for this.