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Hi Everyone! I was just hired to work in the ER, and I am trying to find good, comfortable shoes that will help me keep up the pace in the ER. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what... Read More

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    I wear the Sketchers Shape Ups. Very cushy, no aching feet, and it works for me. I would recommend trying a pair on and see if you like them.
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    Thank you all so much for helping me!! I can always depend on you all!

    So here's my game plan: Right now as I am very short on funds I have decided to buy some clogs (from shoes for crews) that were within my price range then I will start saving like crazy to buy a really good pair of shoes. From all the great choices ya'll have told me, I know that I'll find an awesome one!

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    Asics running shoes are best for me. I have a narrow foot and a high arch. Those with wide feet seem to like New Balance. I bought Sanita and they were great for the bottom of my feet but it caused some permanent damage to the top of my big toe.
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    Can't go wrong with Merrells.
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    I stopped wearing shape ups when I fell over at work. Just toppled over. I was so embarrassed. Stick to regular sneaks now. Also love dansko clogs but they cut me right in the tendinitis I have on the top of my left foot. I wear them out sometimes when though.
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    I think I'm in the minority that go the minimalist route with shoes. I wear new balance minimus to get a near-barefoot feeling.
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    I wear the good old fashioned croc clogs. Mercy Crocs are close but mine are like 4 years old. I need to find a new pair. I also rock the allegria's

    I tried Dansko's I hate them.
    I also rock New balance or Fila's.
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    I wish I could get away with wearing my Vibrams to work, closest thing to bare feet there is =).
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    Aside from good shoes, good idea to try some support socks. I was having a lot of leg fatigue, and got some, and it made a world of difference! Just some knee-high ones, found them at a local scrub shop. I also am a new fan o danskos, after being skeptical for many years. I wore Nike shox before, but they wear out so quickly. Good luck!
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    I love the Nike Shox too and have had my same pair for about 1.5 years and they're worn out! My problem is I can't find the same ones (they're discontinued) or ones that fit my dress code! (All leather uppers and all white1) I'm still on the lookout but want only Shox!
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    Merrell's Pace Glove. Extra "support" isn't how are feet were meant to be. Just let your feet do their evolutionary thing. Certainly helped my back injury when I switched to them.
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    Quote from red leaf
    Merrell's Pace Glove. Extra "support" isn't how are feet were meant to be. Just let your feet do their evolutionary thing. Certainly helped my back injury when I switched to them.
    Oooooh, thank you! I love Merrells, and my Vibrams ... just ordered the Merrells! YAY!
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    I have yet to try Vibrams because all I can picture is a toe being sliced off by an unnoticed Vanderlift wheel... but I'm definitely thinking about a pair for non-work uses.

    I have yet to find a white pair of Merrells or similar minimalist shoes for when I start nursing school next spring, but my search shall continue!

    Or I'll just spray paint some Vibrams.