Calling all new ER grads starting Feb 2013 - page 3

Hi. Im starting this topic for any new grads or new to the ER. I think it will be good to come here to compare notes, encourage, vent and support each. I myself, am so nervous and excited at the same... Read More

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    Thanks for the info

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    I'll be starting a new grad ED position on 2/4. Super excited! Good Luck to all
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    I am a fairly new grad (June) starting in the ER on feb 25th. Will have 10 weeks of orientation. Super excited but scared to death at the same time.

    Looking forward to reading the posts here. Congrats to you all.
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    1 year med surge experience. but starting in the ed next week yikes im scared help me lol!
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    New grad here, in my 3rd week of orientation in the ER. I was a tech there for a year and a half and also did my senior level preceptorship in another ER. I LOVE my job. LOVE. I have had some challenges but my preceptor is amazing and the transition has been much smoother than I thought it would be. I'm allowed up to 12 weeks of orientation. It's going we'll so far. Good luck to you, ask for help as you need it!
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    Excited and biting my nails at the same time. One more week before orientation
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    just a student here, but very interested in reading all of this great insight! thanks for the info guys
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    Scared is good. It gets better. By 6 months you'll be comfortable. By 9 months you'll be scared again because you've realized how much you don't know.

    And then it gets better. By 2 years you'll have reached "bring it on".

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    New grad ER nurse here too! Just received the job offer today actually. Sooo excited!!
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    So jealous of you all! ER is my life! I'm hoping and crossing my fingers/toes I get into my hospital's new grad program. They always open ER positions so I'm so anxious for my interview! Good luck to you all. Hopefully, I can post on this thread about my new grad ER position!

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