BAD Preceptor, HELP! - page 3

Hello to all, I recently graduated from nursing school, passed my boards, and was offered a job in the ER at my local hospital, where I did my preceptorship. Sounds like a fairy tale right?? WRONG.... Read More

  1. by   nifty_n
    omg. I had this same experience at my job and I literally just left one day and didn't go back---it was that bad. I wasn't really in a position to confide in anyone there and I thought saying something would have most likely backfired. I'm stressed all over again because I don't have a job but I'm also so SO relieved. If you can stick it out, I say go for it but if not, try to save up as much as you can---stick around until the next pay check or two and get out.
  2. by   amzyRN
    How many shifts have you "shadowed" her? If you're going to be successful, you're going to have to be providing patient care under her guidance, that's how it works. Her job is to make sure your critical thinking and skill set is up to speed by the end of orientation. If that isn't happening, tell the educator now so you can get someone else.