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Had a funny thing happen the other day. A young woman came in for some vague complaints of weakness. It was busy and some nurse not from our department was starting an IV and really digging around. I... Read More

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    A old friend (not a nurse) would pass out with sharp pain. From IV's to stepping on toes. Anything sharp. Then she
    would have a seizure 10-15 seconds later. This is her baseline and has been this way since she was a child. No workups are done since she was a child. Everything comes up as negative. So she just deals with it.
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    i'm really suprised this patient wasn't admitted to a monitored bed at the very least ... a 13 second pause is big news what is her QT and QTc intervals - i would suspect that she is at risk from sudden adult death syndrome and may need further investigation and intervention ....

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