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Had a funny thing happen the other day. A young woman came in for some vague complaints of weakness. It was busy and some nurse not from our department was starting an IV and really digging around. I went in to talk with the... Read More

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    Wow, thats worse than the pt I had last week. 30-something pt. kicking and screaming in my left ear while I was inserting a 20# in her forearm. My other patients in the hallway swore I was cutting her open.

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    Scary, even scarier that she went home. In my hospital that would have been ICU with extensive testing. What did the doc say was causing her fatigue?
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    I cannot for the life of me imagine sending the girl in this case home. In my department, that kind of incident would buy her an automatic night in CCU and a full cardio workup. Who only knows what kind of electrophysiological gremlins might be lurking in there...

    I do admit to laughing at the MD's frustration at not finding a canned discharge for cardiac arrest. "If your heart stops again, return to the Emergency Center immediately."
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    A old friend (not a nurse) would pass out with sharp pain. From IV's to stepping on toes. Anything sharp. Then she
    would have a seizure 10-15 seconds later. This is her baseline and has been this way since she was a child. No workups are done since she was a child. Everything comes up as negative. So she just deals with it.
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    i'm really suprised this patient wasn't admitted to a monitored bed at the very least ... a 13 second pause is big news what is her QT and QTc intervals - i would suspect that she is at risk from sudden adult death syndrome and may need further investigation and intervention ....

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