Aaaagggh Why Are ENPC Classes So Infrequent?

  1. The one ENPC class that's in my area for the entire YEAR is filled already!!! and here I am thinking I'm being an early bird registering 3 weeks in advance, guess that's not so early after all. There are some classes nearby but they're either really out of the way or I can't secure that day off!

    Can't ENA find a way to offer more ENPC in the NYC area? I see some other states have them in multiple locations every month.

    I figure I'll just do PALS for now (way overdue) and try to secure ENPC either later on this year or next year.

    Actually I shouldn't harp on ENPC being so infrequent in my area because CATN is non-existent here.

    I see Adams Cowley Trauma hospital offering CATN every month though but again that's way out of my area. My hospital only has TNCC periodically, other than that we have no instructors that can do ENPC/CATN.

    /done rant lol.
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  3. by   DeBerham
    I have to travel out of state for TNCC and will do so again when I take ENPC next year. I don't know that it's really ENA's fault, more that there aren't enough trainers/classes where you live.
  4. by   hiddencatRN
    They sent out the ENPC book for me to read 6 weeks before the class, so registering 3 weeks before the class actually seems really late to me. I thought it was a great class- I had a long commute to take it and it was worth it. The ENA doesn't run the classes directly- they provide the educational material and the certification and the rest is up to training facilities.