Meet the GPA Requirement before apply for BSN-MSN/DNP?

  1. Hello! I am a registered nurse with BSN who interested continuing my education to become FNP (BSN-DNP or BSN-MSN in FNP). FNP is my ultimate dream career goal. I'm looking to applying and so far I have been really disappointed. Several schools I have looked into one being USA has denied me because I don't have a high enough overall GPA 3.1, while the other one recently raised their GPA requirement to 3.2. That being said I don't know what other schools consider so many of them would give me the opportunity. My spirit is being crushed and I am not certain if I am able to fulfilled this goal because of my GPA. If any of you know other great school with minimum of 3.0 GPA, please posted here and let me know. I really appreciated. TIA!
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  3. by   KatieMI
    Try to go to the general admission office of the university which houses your FNP program of choice and inquire if you can take/repeat a course or two so that you can bump your GPA up. You may be even allowed to take grad level courses which you won't have to repeat. You only need to make sure that the course will be reflected in your GPA (many won't if offered online).
    My place offers "open study abroad" for prospective students who are in the same situation, and it is an easy and sweet way to get 6 credits with A virtually guaranteed, although for a good lump of money.

    I have two possible places I want to do my Masters in... one openly requires GPA of 3.5 and second one has "internal" (that is, not officially published) cutoff of 3.75... both are not CRNA programs
  4. by   sacwebb
    Do not get discouraged! You sound passionate so I know it will work out! I was in the same boat until last weekend. The University of Iowa just accepted me for a PNP program. They are the 6th best PNP school and take a 3.0 for all cohorts. Not sure your proximity to Iowa but they have a large portion of the program online. I was also borderline on the GPA but they took me anyways. I had to discuss in length why my GPA is not a picture of who I am. I'm just a anxious test taker.

    Anyways, best of luck! I hope to see someday that you got in somewhere!
  5. by   Palliative Care, DNP
    I will let you that my gpa was 3.0 for undergraduate. I am about to begin my 3rd semester in my BSN to DNP program at Loyola University New Orleans. I am doing great in my classes and am not working full time lie I was in undergrad so I have time to focus on my grades. I did well in the interview and had great references.
  6. by   Born_2BRN
    Wait! I just talked to someone at this school. They said their GPA requirement is now 3.2. I already applied before even found this out.
  7. by   SycamoreGuy
    Published minimum GPAs aren't always the minimum that they will accept.
  8. by   sacwebb
    I have been submitting end of semester grade reports to the dnp program I'll start this coming August. The minimum GPA for mine is 3.0 and I am just now sitting at the 3.0. I was taken with a 2.85. I had work experience and great references. The grades are not always the best representation of who you are. I know I'll just have to work harder than other students!
  9. by   faunurse
    @ Sacwebb, What's the name of the school and what State?
  10. by   sacwebb
    Quote from faunurse
    @ Sacwebb, What's the name of the school and what State?
    The University of Iowa
  11. by   faunurse
    Quote from sacwebb
    The University of Iowa
    OK. Thanks
  12. by   rdennis45
    Hello. I'm interested in applying to Loyola as well. My GPA was a 3.1 from undergrad cumulatively. My nursing GPA was a 2.6 or 2.8. How was your interview? My references include my BSN program director, my NICU educator, and my instructor from undergrad.
  13. by   hkimle
    Hi, did you get in any NP program that you wanted? Just wondering so I can get some motivation. Thanks! And Happy New Year! ^^