DNP and working full time? - page 2

I was wondering if anyone has gone through a DNP program or is going through one right now? If so, can you work while you are going through the program or is it like medical school where you can't... Read More

  1. by   ivanh3
    The University of Alabama. This is not to be confused with the University of South Alabama. Both are good schools though.
  2. by   ebaiardi
    Does anyone have information or is currently in the DNP program at Sentinel University. Have been thinking about their DNP program in Nursing Leadership but want some feedback from others who are either in the program or have completed the program.
  3. by   keisha e
    If you are doing an online program it is doable but be careful when it comes to clinicals because you may need to change your work schedule around to be able to complete the clinical hours. My advise would be to start part time while working full time then you can determine if that is working or if you need to make some changes . There are lots of papers to write usually and present depending on your program.