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Since I have not had a response on the student NP section....I am a BSN and am looking into several different BSN to DNP programs. Has anyone gone through one of these and how did it go for you? I... Read More

  1. by   keisha e
    Ok thanks a lot fir the advise
  2. by   nietzche
    I was wondering how difficult it is to tackle full time dnp school with 32 hours per week work? No kids. I have heard that grad school is actually not as demanding as undergrad was. I was wondering if this is true. Thank you
  3. by   Isabel-ANP-BC
    I just started Loyola University New Orleans' MSN to DNP program. I am an ANP. It is so not easier than undergraduate. Itis reading. Class discussion on Blackboard and papers so far. The summer classes are likely worse because its all condensed from 15 to 8 weeks, but I don't see it getting easier. Fortunately, I can do my clinical at work, which helps...

    Don't get me wrong...I love it, but its not easy.
  4. by   nietzche
    Thank you isabel
  5. by   Dnpinthemaking
    What university was that please. Where did you do your bsn- dnp at? I'm looking for a bsn-dnp program in Orlando. But other university suggestions are helpful.
  6. by   bonjoe07
    I was wondering if you need a particular number of hours before enrolling into the programs, My GPA wasn't the greatest, however, I have passed all my classes and RN exam.
    I was also wondering about the GRE Test:
    "A score of 500 or higher on each of the verbal and quantitative sections in the prior version of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test. In the new version of the GRE a minimum score of 153 in the verbal section and 144 in the quantitative section"
    any of you have any input as to this test?
    I would like to apply to the fall 2015 at the University of Florida
  7. by   olof
    Hi Mom to 4

    I am interested in your progress with your DNP. I am also a mom to 4 and am working on applying to BSN-DNP in University of Minnesota as an online student (live in Toronto). It is 4 years as a part time student. Like you I was going to start a MSN program but cancelled it as I am more interested in the DNP.
    Are you willing to share your experience?
  8. by   Palliative Care, DNP
    Due to an unforeseen set back I will now graduate May 2016. I had to create a whole new capstone project. So it is taking me 4 years and out of the 40 people that began cohort 1 of this program only 6 or 7 are actually graduating this May. A large portion of us are graduating next May for various reasons. While the set back hurts nothing will keep me from graduating with 4 kids all looking to me as an example.
  9. by   olof
    good for you. And at the end of the day it kind of doesn't matter if you did your DNP in 3 or 4 years just the health of your family . good luck
  10. by   browcounty
    Hello everyone, I've been reading the posts and just wanted some information regarding the BSN to DNP route. So I'm a GN and just accepted a job in Detroit in the ER, I'm pretty nervous considering this is my first nursing job but excited at the same time. I have no kids and no girlfriend as of right now. I'm going to try to keep it this way for a little so I can focus on my career and going back to school. I'll be working 36 hours a week, and have been researching DNP programs. I want to get my schooling done sooner than later, and the DNP program I want to apply for start date will begin in Fall 2016. I plan on doing the program rotating between part time and full time study and taking any summer classes offered, to try to complete the degree in 5 years. I graduated from a BIG TEN University's nursing school, it was EXTREMELY difficult and I finished with about a 3.3 overall nursing GPA, and about a 3.55 cumulative GPA. Sadly, I was probably bottom in my nursing class lol. There were a lot of smart individuals, and the difficulty of the BSN coursework has made me weary of jumping into a BSN to DNP Program. But, on the other hand, by the time I would begin the program I want to get into, I would have over a year of RN experience, and I want to get my schooling done sooner than later since I'm still in study mode. I passed my boards the first try in 78 questions; and I did solid on the GRE with a combined score on the new scale of a 301. I was wondering what additional advice any people have for an individual such as myself who have completed or are in a DNP program? Am I basically going to have no life if I'm working 36 hours a week while attending classes part time? And with my grades taken into consideration, what are my chances of success while enrolled in a DNP program? Any additional thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.