Are all NP's Doctoral material??

  1. When I hear about colleges and universities preparing DNP programs of study I'm reminded of my personal experience in my masters program for FNP. I enjoy the clinical aspect of my education, but like most I hated writing papers. My research in particular was just mind numbing for me. The doctoral title might look good on paper, but I really do not feel that I am doctoral material. For those of you who have completed your masters or are currently in one what are some of your opinions??
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  3. by   BCgradnurse
    I think I'm with you. While I feel I'm more than capable of completing a DNP program, I have no interest in writing papers or doing most types of research. Give me hands on clinical courses that will enable me to be a better provider, test me on them, give me practical exams or observe me in practice, but if I ever have to write another APA format paper I'll scream. There's no DNP in my future...
  4. by   elkpark
    I guess that would depend on how "watered down" the doctoral programs are ...
  5. by   pro-student
    I think the idea of a DNP requirement for APNs is ludicrous! I think it's a nice option for people who don't want research degrees but it should remain just that, an option.