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  1. Hi all! I am applying for the DNP program at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) with a primary care AGNP specialty. Does anyone have any suggestions on building a strong application? I have worked mostly on a med/surg unit and a surgical step down for the past 4 years (as an active duty RN). I have been on 2 deployments. My undergrad GPA was 3.55. Any suggestions are welcome as I am stressing out about the application process, separation from the military, and a move back to Chicago. Thank you!
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  3. by   SarahSRN
    Hi there! Just wanted to reply as I have also applied for the UIC BSN-DNP program, adult gerontology acute care specialty. I live in Arizona and have 1 year experience as a full time RN on a med/surg-telemetry unit specializing in stroke and trauma. My undergrad GPA was 4.0. I have been trying to look up info as far as how many apply, are accepted, what the general background is for those who are accepted, etc. I can't seem to find much info on it. I honestly have no idea if I even have a chance at getting in as I have no idea what the other applicants look like in terms of years of experience and what not. Are you familiar with any of this?? I'm sorry I don't have any good suggestions for you, I am pretty new to this whole thing
  4. by   scarykarrey
    I'm pretty frustrated that there isn't much information online, too! I've applied for Fall 2014 admission into the CNM/WHNP program (originally applied for MSN, but have been bumped up to DNP).
  5. by   nursecammy
    I have also applied to the UIC Fall 2014 BSN-DNP program, FNP specialty. I originally applied for the MSN but because of the changes I decided to do the DNP. I have been looking for information as well but I have not found anything. I graduated with a 3.53 GPA and I worked in the Medical Intensive Care Unit for 10 months. I have no idea what exactly they are looking for in candidates. I wish some of the current or past UIC DNP students would provide some feedback on the program. I would love to learn more about it.
  6. by   NewGradChiNP
    Agreed, some insight would be nice! Does anyone know when they usually call back for interviews? I wonder why they pushed back the application deadline...
  7. by   nursecammy
    Admissions Decision Timeline

    Applications to the DNP program will not be reviewed by the Graduate Admissions and Academic Standards Committee until after the February 1st application deadline. If required, faculty interviews generally take place during the month of March with final decisions being announced in early April.

    This was on their website to the bottom of the link, but there is no mention of when they call or notify for interviews.
  8. by   SarahSRN
    I have been reading back on threads from applicants in previous years, but the only ones I could find were for the graduate entry program. It seems that the timeline is about the same for hearing about interviews, acceptance, etc. It seems like it took about a month to hear back about interviews, and then after interviews they found out they were accepted or declined anywhere from one day to a week after interviews. My guess would be that we will hear about interviews either in the last week of this month, or the first week of next month… I can't be positive, though.
  9. by   SarahSRN
    I also know that the number of spots available for each specialty changes each semester, so I guess its kind of hard to say what the acceptance rate is… I think the FNP and ACNP are the most competitive because they get the most applicants for those specialties.
  10. by   scarykarrey
    I wonder if they require interviews for all specialties. It seems like such a long decision process! Most of the other programs I've been looking at (and applied to) seem to give decisions within a month of the application deadlines.
  11. by   nursecammy
    The only posts I found were also for the graduate entry program, and there was 1 person who posted back in 2010 under the heading "UIC DNP program": "Feb 24, '10 by greygooseuria

    Anybody get called back for an interview? I'll be interviewing this Monday."
    No one replied to the post.

    Does anyone know if they do phone or skype interviews for out of state applicants? I wonder why there isn't much that we can find about UIC's DNP program other than their website.
  12. by   SarahSRN
    From what I've read in previous threads it seems like they do both Skype and in person interviews… i think that the in person interviews are group interviews though which isn't my favorite :/ Also from what I've read it seems that you only find out about a week ahead of time for interviews, so if you want to fly there thats gonna be one expensive plane ticket. I think if I get an interview, though, I'm gonna fly out there. A Skype interview just seems like kind of a disadvantage..
  13. by   NewGradChiNP
    Anyone get emailed about interviews? What are you guys doing to prepare??
  14. by   scarykarrey
    I haven't received any notification regarding an interview. I wonder if the CNM/WHNP program requires one? I'm guessing so.