I'm lost...should I do PNP or FNP??

  1. Hi all,

    I'm still trying to decide whether to get a PNP (pediatric NP) vs a FNP (family NP). Anyone out there have either one and have an opinion about this? I have worked in adult inpatient setting and hurt my back and then worked in a pediatric ER and loved it. I'd primarily like to work with children, but don't want to limit my opportunities after graduation, as I already feel limited given my back situation. I've heard FNP's can work with children, but do they feel comfortable doing this? Is it enough education about children in a FNP program?? Also, in a rural area, would a FNP be better for job opportunities vs a PNP? And do peds doctor's offices or clinics hire you if you have a FNP instead of a PNP? Do urgent cares hire if you have a PNP instead of a FNP?

    Also - thinking of getting a DNP along with my NP because I've heard it's the way to go even though it's not required yet...thoughts?

    Thank you all!!!
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  3. by   adventure_rn
    I'm not a PNP or an FNP, so please take this comment with a grain of salt. I've heard a few times (both from FNP students and from current PNPs) that the FNP degree is actually preferred by some pediatric practices because it makes you a more well-rounded provider for adolescents. Specifically, in the last city where I worked I knew a few PNPs who couldn't find jobs at peds outpatient practices and had to take jobs on post-partum well baby nurseries. It's possible that this was only a regional trend, but that was my experience.
  4. by   localgirl85
    Thank you adventure_rn, BSN for your response! I have heard as well that it can be harder to get a job with a PNP, but I haven't heard some would prefer a FNP! I hope you're right I think I've decided on the FNP so I don't limit myself and so I can still work with kids!! Thank you for responding even though you aren't either one - I really appreciate it!