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even though i still have 9 months to go before i finish with my msn, i am looking at the dnp. i like the idea of it, and of course time will tell. what i am wondering about is if there is an option to go back and turn the dnp... Read More

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    We shall see. I still see debate about tenure or not. I have not seen any tenured DNPs speak up so I am not sure what the status is. I understand that PhDs are heavily involved in research, but I honestly feel that DNPs could just as easily do research. Many MDs without PhDs do research and are published as well. As the AANC also points out PhDs are no more/less qualified to teach than DNPs. Both need training in educating. I would add that an NP with a PhD is just as qualified to practice or lead as a DNP. So it almost sounds to me like why? Again, I like the idea of a DNP. It would be a good fit. I just am not convinced it is worth having all of these different doctorates. Why not just have PhDs with different concentrations?

    By the way, your profile pic is absolutely fabulous. Loved that show.

    Well, in my experience as a IRB board member, many of those "MDs who do research," unless they've been at it a while and/or have research training as well do a poor job of designing studies. Many of the MDs who do research do it as part of larger, multi-site clinical trials that are sponsored and designed by others.

    Doing good research (not to mention getting funded to do research) means having a good understanding of myriad aspects of study design, including instrument selection, recruiting, analysis, etc. etc. etc. All you have to do is look at the surveys that many masters students put up for thesis work to see that there's a lot more to it than just having an intersting idea.

    My understanding of the reasoning behind the DNP is to be on a par with other HCP like PharmD. I think that llg has it right when she mentions the shrinking pool of tenure track positions.

    The only thing known is that things are in flux. I'd giving yourself some time to decide is probably wise...the other thing to think about is if you are mobile or not. Getting into a program that is a good fit, is a wise idea if you have the flexibility to go where the program is. Having a better idea what you want will help you choose the right school and program.

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