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DNP controversy

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    I'm still new at this as a matter of fact this is my first blog =]. So I have a question, I just graduated nursing school in 2009 and I am planning on doing advance practice nursing. I was very interested in the becoming CPNP, but at the pediatric office where I work there is a CPNP who started to talk to me about this new title called DNP. She told me how it's supposed to become "active" in 2015 and that this will become the new standard for advanced nursing practice. She also talked to me about how it is supposed to give more power to advance practice nurses, and even become an equal or at least very close to MD. So I started readin and researching about this new title, and so far I like it. but there is so much controversy coming from other providers. What I mean is that many believe that DNPs, NPs, CRNAs, PAs, to name a few, are not very well trained. It seems as if these other fields don't want DNPs to come about for some reason. I asked a doctor I work with and she was flabbergasted when I told her I wanted to become a DNP. She just pretty much told me that no matter what, there would be no field that would be as good as if you were going to "real" medical school, no matter what you wanted to called yourself. So I am not sure if it's just me being naive and all but it kind of made me feel bad. What will happen if i do become a DNP, will these other providers view me as a walking law suit because i would have been trained "less" than they have? I just want to hear what you have to say. I want to provide the best care possible to my patients, which is why I strive to become an adanced practice nurse. Not that if one has an RN, LPN or BSN provides less care than NPs MSNs etc just that it is just my dream to do this. So yea It's open for anyone who has anything to say about this. thanks for posting.

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    There are some that believe the measure will pass, which is hasn't last I checked and others that don't believe it will.

    DNP's or NP's, in my opinion, are very well trained....however, medical school is 4 years with several years of residency in your specialty which varies by discipline...I think the shortest residency is 3 years, so you are talking about a minimum of 7 years to become a Board Certified MD.

    NP's and PA's are a very valuable resource in the medical field.

    However, there is no substitute for experience and you cannot compare 7 or more years of schooling to 2 or 3 and call it equal or even close.

    If I had a choice between an NP with 10 years of experience vs a brand new MD....I'm going to want the NP to take care of me.

    However, if I had the choice between a new grad NP vs a newly certified MD? I'm going to take the MD.
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    There are a kazillion threads here discussing this controversy. Have you taken a look at any of them? You may be interested in what's already been posted.
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    Quote from elkpark
    There are a kazillion threads here discussing this controversy. Have you taken a look at any of them? You may be interested in what's already been posted.
    the last thread was closed over too much bickering
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