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This is a hot topic, so I thought I'd ask all your opinion of community. According a survey linked below, 87% of the public think we should? What do you as a healthcare provider think? Please take a second and... Read More

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    Quote from Peggyfaye
    The Squire~
    Measles, mumps, etc. are proven vaccines~ do some reading on H1N1 before anyone dictates what other nurses do to maintain their health. There are plenty of other options besides getting an unproven vaccine. Some of our worst enemies may be our co-workers , employers, government.
    I've worked ER charge nurse for over 15 yrs, have never gotten a flu vaccine & haven't gotten the flu.
    Go figure, maybe it's the masks & handwashing....

    Ya Think?

    The vaccine is definitely proven to be safe and effective, according to national agencies like NIH, CDC, and IC professionals. Spreading misinformation is about as bad as spreading a killer flu! :angryfire
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    My employer has still not mandated the vaccine as yet. I will probably take it when they finally get it in but being a small facility in a small town we may not see it until the season is over.

    The main reason I would get it is to protect myself. I don't really see how my getting the shot is going to keep me from carrying the bug into work on my scrubs, shoes, hair, or whatever. Doesn't anyone here stop at the fast food joint or the store on the way to work? That coughing clerk or person in line behind you is spraying germs in a small space. The guy you brush against in the elevator may be covered in the stuff. The family member who stops you in the hallway to ask a question could be a carrier. The patient you admit for chest pain and you help undress may have it all over their clothes and not be showing any s/s. Taking the vaccine MAY keep YOU from getting sick but you could still be providing free transportation to enough bugs to start your own personal version of The Stand. That is the reason for standard or droplet precautions. This is why many health care workers never allow their scrubs, shoes, bags, etc. into their house. I know a couple who even had a shower installed in the garage next to the laundry room.

    I'm not going to fool myself or anyone else by saying I will get vaccinated to protect anyone other than myself. My wife has already been vaccinated at the dialysis center where she spends about 15 hours a week. My daughter has already had the bug. That just leaves me.

    If you want to get vaccinated that's great. I just don't think it should be mandatory. If this thing is as out of control as the government and media are portraying it then most of the patients coming in probably have H1N1 all over them anyway. Requiring vaccinations on one small group is more about influencing public confidence and opinion than it is about protecting patients.
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    Interesting you can say "definitely" got a crystal ball?
    Now that's real scientific.
    Spreading misinformation? You've got some nerve.
    Do you work OB or ER?
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    Quote from Peggyfaye
    Interesting you can say "definitely" got a crystal ball?
    Now that's real scientific.
    Spreading misinformation? You've got some nerve.
    Do you work OB or ER?
    I have worked in Administration, ED, OB, Infection control, Public Health, Research on Doctor-Patient Communication, Nursing Education, Employee Health, and Umbilical cord blood Stem Cell Preservation. I read extensively online for the latest developments in medicine and nursing on official sites, to keep up to date, since I retired 2 years ago. I do have the nerve to state my opinions as they're scientifically based.

    No, I don't rely on crystal balls, horoscopes or other pseudo sciences as there's plenty of reliable information out there. Try to avoid being offensive, Peggyfaye - it robs you of energy that would be more beneficially applied to better efforts. When you read about things like vaccines, be sure that the research is credible, in that it involves 1,000s of people, along with a control group of similar numbers. Other so-called studies are anecdotal, without value for any use.

    Many years of varied nursing experience gives me the ability to be very definite about subjects of which I know a lot.
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    If all these acute respiratory failures and deaths of healthy individuals at my hospital are really H1N1, I will take the risk of a reaction to the vaccine. I would rather risk it then pass away like the poor woman we lost a week ago.
    Do I think it's right to mandate any vaccine? Absolutely not, what people do is their right as it is their body.
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    I have 33 yrs. experience as an RN, Lamazeteacher.
    The swine flu was the 1st epidemic that I dealt with as a new grad in '76.
    I have worked in the ED for over a decade, front lines when it comes flu seasons.
    So we disagree~because of that you assume that I stay less informed of credible sources of research? There is lack of data on the effectiveness of this vaccine, people are hopeful & I pray that it will not harm those who receive it.
    I don't agree with everyone's conclusions on this forum, but I also don't lecture them that I am right & they are wrong. There are many things that are not definite on the subject of flu epidemics & vaccines~
    I am happy in life & respected in my medical community. I'm not robbed of anything because I expressed to you that your post came off as arrogant & offensive. When people disagree with your opinion, it doesn't mean that you are correct & they are wrong / misinformed.
    This forum is to express how we are all dealing with these difficult events in our nsg. practice.
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    Quote from Peggyfaye
    The swine flu was the 1st epidemic that I dealt with as a new grad in '76.
    The 1976 swine flu virus, A/New Jersey/76 (Hsw1N1) never caused an epidemic. There was an outbreak of this novel virus but it was confined solely to Ft. Dix, New Jersey.

    There was however, a concurrent outbreak of influenza A/Victoria/3/75 (H3N2) that infected populations more widely not only at Ft. Dix, but elsewhere as well. Could this be what you are referring to?
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    I don't believe anyone should be required to have any vaccine. That being said the public has a reasonable expectation that they will not get a disease from a healthcare worker. It seems it should be dept specific. Taking a sabbatical or asking for a dept with fewer risks should not be punishable offenses if you choose to not get the vaccine. Obviously working in an area such as the ED, Peds or NICU, Urgent care, or a primary care doctor's office should be mandatory. I can't imagine not getting it if I worked there (and I do) even with the risks. I also could never forgive myself if I contracted it at work and took it home to my family. There are pretty big risks with children. The vaccine was used widely in Australia and, at least short term, the side effects are minimal.
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    Read the fine print of the flu vaccine insert package. BOTH the seasonal flu vaccine, and nasal mist have the H1N1 component in the vaccine. Strange, that no one in the media or govn't agencies has mentioned the nasal mist contains live virus. Do ya think there could be some link between the young people falling ill with H1N1 and the live virus? Hmmmm.....
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    Anyone ever stop at the store or Burger King on the way to work? You could be standing in the middle of a whole crowd of folks who are carrying the H1N1 strain. What about the people you get onto the elevator with or the family member of a patient you brush up against in the room? Ever help a patient undress and put away their belongings when they are admitted? H1N1 can live on porous surfaces like scrubs for 12 hours. It can live on a solid surface like over bed tables and side rails for up to 48 hours. That means there is a very good chance you are carrying the virus in and out of patient rooms every day. You don't have to be sick yourself to spread it.

    To me, mandatory vaccination policies are more about public relations than protecting patients. The best reason I can think of for getting this is to protect yourself from other people. Worried about your family? Get them vaccinated.

    If someone doesn't want to be vacccinated that should be their right. If you want to be vaccinated that great. I will get it when it is finally available at my location but that is because I hate having the flu in any form. I'm just honest enough to say I'm doing it for me and not because I'm protecting my patients from something that has very likely been carried into their room by a dozen different people already.

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