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Mandatory Immunizations? - page 2

I went to orientation with an agency today and was informed that the H1N1 vaccine will be mandatory for all nurses or you will have to wear a mask the entire shift. I was just wondering if anyone... Read More

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    I understand that. The one that is available now is the nasal spray and is a live virus which is what I said a while ago and was told I was wrong.
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    Another article on a very hot topic!,00.html
    Can Health-Care Workers Be Forced to Get Flu Shots?

    At Winthrop hospital on New York's Long Island, the signs are everywhere. They're posted at every nurses' station, papered above the security panels against which employees swipe their ID cards and even attached to paychecks. The notices are there to remind the hospital's staff — which includes everyone from the doctors and nurses who care for patients to the administrative, housekeeping and food-service personnel — that every employee must be vaccinated against both seasonal and H1N1 flu or face possible termination.
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    "I understand that. The one that is available now is the nasal spray and is a live virus which is what I said a while ago and was told I was wrong."

    Frustrating, isn't it? That's the problem, there has been so much hype and fear-mongering with this that "information" is being tossed about willy-nilly. People who want to take a deep breath and really LOOK at the issue don't stand a chance. People with legitimate concerns about the vaccine are portrayed as ignorant, and called anti-vaxers. People who question the true severity of this particular flu? Well, it is implied that they just don't understand the FACTS. And people who say they wish to refuse this vaccine have been pretty much called Typhoid Mary's, the implication being that they just want to go around spreading disease to the helpless because they just don't want to get a shot. So selfish of them, right?
    I've said it before, and will continue saying it, and I don't care how unpopular it may be...If you WANT this vaccine, then get it. If you don't, then DON'T. But do NOT take it because you are forced to. That is the dumbest reason to take ANY medication. Do your research, and if after doing so, you are comfortable with it, fine, do it.

    But use your own minds, and make your own decisions!
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    Well stated and I agree 100%. Thank you!