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Tracking Bird Flu Cases Bird flu deserves its own thread for tracking suspected and confirmed cases. It's not the pandemic virus, but it is still an ongoing and significant threat because of its virulence. As Margaret Chan,... Read More

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    Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam

    Vietnam reports bird flu in northern province - People's Daily Online

    Quote from english.people.com.cn

    Bird flu occurred in a local farm of the northern Thai Nguyen province of Vietnam, said the Department of Animal Health under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on Monday.

    To prevent the spread of bird flu, local authorities have taken prevention measures including slaughter of over 500 ducks infected with H5N1 influenza, said the department
    (hat tip PFI/Pixie)

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    jakarta, indonesia

    indonesia: moh confirms bird flu fatality

    read the full commentary at the link above for a good overview of the reporting situation in indonesia regarding h5n1.

    also, this is the first time that i have ever read anywhere that having ornamental plants around is a risk factor for infection with bird flu, so i am curious about what the possible connection would be...

    this unfortunate woman was only 34 years old.

    Quote from afludiary.blogspot.com
    victim started to feel sick on 25 may 2010 with signs fever, coughing, breathing difficulty, nausea and muscle pain. she came to a private clinic on 27 may, and then continued to get medical care to a private hospital in tangerang on the next day.

    “during hospitalization, she was worsening with severe pneumonia. on june 1 she was referred to tangerang regional hospital and died within the same day,” said tjandra.

    before the illness, victim was having hobby of growing ornament plants in her yard, which is said as one of risk factor of infection. she was also reported to have had visited her parents in-law in tangerang city, a bird flu endemic area.
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    about those ornamental plants...

    my dear friend, mike coston over at avian flu diary has answered my question regarding ornamental plants being a risk factor for h5n1. now, i get it! he also said that i could quote him so here is part of his email to me:

    a lot of gardeners in indonesia (and elsewhere) use chicken manure as fertilizer . . . which can carry the h5n1 virus. as most gardeners will tell you, chicken poop makes a `hot' fertilizer, and must be composted before application to prevent burning the plants. probably why we don't get more infections this way. but apparently some of the virus manages to survive this composting step (or some people skip it).

    in june of 2007, i ran this report from forbes.

    indonesia warning: another take

    the h5n1 strain of avian influenza is confirmed to have infected 98 people in indonesia since june 2005. twenty of this year's 23 cases were fatal. scientists have even found traces of h5n1 in the soil of potted plants, probably introduced in manure from infected poultry, said bayu krisnamurthi, chief executive officer of indonesia's committee on avian and pandemic flu.

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    Menjing, Indonesia

    H5N1: Indonesia: A teenager dies of bird flu

    Quote from crofsblogs.typepad.com
    A Sukuharjo district health offical said the death of 14-year old girl a few weeks ago proved to have been caused by bird flu.
    "We can confirm that PN died of bird flu a few weeks ago," the health official, Agus Prihatmo, said here on Saturday.

    He said samples of PN`s body fluids had been sent to the Health Ministry`s laboratory in Jakarta for tests and the test results received in Sukaharjo only on Friday (July 16) had shown the junior high-school student was positively infected with the bird flu virus. He said it was so far not known where the virus came from. "We still don`t know whether the virus originated in Menjing Polokarto, Sukoharjo or another region," he said.

    The victim who was a resident of Menjing village had had contact with a dead chicken before. "At the time she dumped a dead chicken in the backyard of her house," he said.
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    bengkulu province, indonesia

    h5n1: indonesia: thousands of chickens in bengkulu found dead

    Quote from crofsblogs.typepad.com
    thousands of chickens in three villages in seluma district, bengkulu province, were found dead in the past three weeks. the three villages are suka raja, suka maju and dermayu.
    hendri, an inhabitant, said on sunday there were more than 1,000 chicken found dead from an unknown disease.
    fortunately the disease was predicted not to attack humans since there were no unusual cases of people having an unknown disease in the past weeks.
    husen, another inhabitant, hoped the government would immediately investigate the phenomena.
    "we hope the government will form a team to investigate and conclude whether the cause of the sudden death of so many chicken here will also affect people," he said.
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    egypt announces 110th case of bird flu

    egypt announces 110th bird flu case

    since this is in a 20 year old woman, i fear the worst for her as toddlers seem to be the only mild cases for some unknown reason in egypt. perhaps because adults delay getting treated until too late?

    Quote from afludiary.blogspot.com
    egypt on saturday announced the 110th discovered bird flu case in the country, saying the patient's condition is "critical".

    "the 20-year-old female was transferred to sadr al-abbasiya hospital in cairo, as she was suffering from high temperature and breathing difficulties," health ministry spokesman dr. abdulrahman shahin told reporters.

    the patient has been medicated with tamiflu and is still under supervision, he noted.
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    H5N1: Indonesia: Antara confirms Bengkulu B2B H5N1

    Quote from crofsblogs.typepad.com
    Indonesia: Antara confirms Bengkulu B2B H5N1

    The story here is not the outbreak, which Flublogia was tracking a week ago, but that Antara, Indonesia's official news agency, is reporting it as genuine H5N1...

    Antara's first report simply described the deaths of over a thousand chickens as a kind of gee-whiz story: Gee whiz, what could have caused this strange event?

    Even so, any report at all is a big step for Indonesia's media, which are pretty clearly under government pressure not to talk about H5N1 unless absolutely necessary.

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    CIDRAP >> NEWS SCAN: Pandemic, bioterror funds cut; H5N1 death; vectorborne disease funding

    The unfortunate 20 yr old victim in post #135 has died.

    Quote from www.cidrap.umn.edu
    Egypt's health ministry today reported the death of 20-year-old woman who had been hospitalized in critical condition with H5N1 avian influenza, according to a notice posted on Egypt's Strengthening Avian Influenza Detection and Response (SAIDR). Earlier media reports said the health ministry confirmed her H5N1 infection after the woman, from Qalubia governorate, was admitted to a hospital in Cairo with fever and breathing difficulties. If the World Health Organization (WHO) confirms the woman's illness and death, she will be listed as Egypt's 110th case-patient and its 35th fatality. Today's SAIDR report said the woman had bilateral pneumonia and had been place on mechanical ventilation, and a previous media report said she was receiving oseltamivir (Tamiflu). Reports on her illness and death have not included any details about exposure to infected birds.
    Jul 28 SAIDR report
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    Padang, Indonesia

    Indonesia: Another Suspected Bird Flu Fatality

    Quote from afludiary.blogspot.com
    This morning we are hearing of a 24 year-old sand miner named Yenpa Yenti, from Padang, Indonesia who has died of suspected H5N1 infection.

    Thus far, this appears to be a clinical diagnosis, based on symptomology. Laboratory confirmation will be required before we can be certain, as there are a number of other infectious diseases that can mimic H5N1.

    We are seeing a bit of a an uptick in reporting on cases out of Indonesia in recent weeks. Whether that reflects more cases, or simply an increased willingness to report on them, is difficult to know.
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    Recent confirmed and suspected human H5N1 case updates:


    A. The 20 year old woman from Shubra El-Kheima, Al Qaliubiyah Governorate noted in post #135 above is now confirmed by WHO. http://www.who.int/csr/don/2010_07_29/en/index.html

    B. A 2 year old child Alamraamin, Cairo Governorate was admitted to a hospital in Egypt on August 2, and is suspected to be infected with H5N1. If this is confirmed this would be the 111th case in Egypt.

    C. A 30 year old woman by the name of Shaimaa Mohammed Khadir from Al Gharbiyah Governorate is suspected with an H5N1 infection. No other details.


    A. The 14 year old girl, PN, who died on June 24th, 2010 (post #133) has been confirmed by WHO as the as the 167th case in Indonesia.

    B. A 34 year old woman from Tangerang Regency died on July 7, 2010. She has been confirmed as an H5N1 victim, Number 168.

    C. Yenpa Yenti (Eva Yanti) (24, 26?) from Padang reported in post #138 above, died on July 29. Although suspected to have been infected with H5N1, this has not yet been confirmed.

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