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1976: 300 deaths from vacc., 1 from flu

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    a headline in [color=#006699]today's newspaper proclaims "u.s. to vaccinate millions against swine flu." yet don't miss the powerfully revealing video clip below from the cbs investigative reporting program 60 minutes before making your decision on whether or not to get the swine flu vaccine when it comes out.

    this excellent 60 minutes exposé reveals blatant u.s. government propaganda and fear-mongering in the swine flu outbreak and mass vaccination of 1976.
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    Do you remember the total screw-up with Park Davis during the 1976 vaccine program?

    It was all over the news, there was this huge picture of Hank Meyer, the chief of the bureau of Biologics with his sleeve rolled up, receiving a shot from Ted Cooper, the asst. chief of H&HS.
    The headline read "Cooper fires the first shot against the swine flu.....yadda, yadda....."

    Funny thing is, well, it's not funny...it's more scary than anything.

    The vaccine Cooper injected into Dr. Meyer was made (erroneously) by Park Davis, when scientists developed the strain labeled "A-swine-1976-31."

    Regrettably, the strain, which encompassed 2 million doses, was actually isolated from pig #'1976'....and '31' was the year the strain was isolated....

    .....can you say...OOPS.

    I mean, gad, the wrong strain, they went so far as to develop 2 million doses and never even checked.

    Then all those deaths.


    The IOM has archived the official report. I'll dig around & see if I can find it in HTML.
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    Geez, I see plenty of fear mongering right in this thread. No need to look back to 1976.
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    If you only count those patients who were tested for H1N1 the death toll is already near 300 since September. If you count those who died with flu-like syndromes but were never tested the number jumps to ~2000. The virulence of this "swine flu" is much greater than that of 1976. Guillain-barre is a rare side effect that is also a side effect of the normal flu vaccine. You dont hear anyone talking about that, though. This vaccine was developed just like the normal yearly flu vaccine was.

    If you all dont want to get your vaccine fine, but you should not go out of your way keeping others from getting the vaccine. It could have deadly consequences for those in the health care industry.
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    I went looking for information regarding the 1976 epidemic a couple of days ago and was not able to find any credible source that supports the claims made in the OP's link.
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    There is significant differences in the way the vaccine was made now and in 1976. Keep in mind the 1976 vaccine was live. I was one of those hospitalized in 1976 as a result of the vaccine as when your in the military you are thier property and are required to take what they want you to get. We recieved the vaccine prior to it hitting the public and many of us became very ill. I have no doubt there will not be a repeat of the same mistakes made back then comparative to now. We have come along way in relation to vaccine stability and safety. The only reason I am not going to get it is due to my previous experience as it was no party being on a vent for weeks!! Also I CHOOSE to take other supplements for prevention. I have never had flu in my lifetime and hope never to have. I agree people are not informed and media is making a panic of it also. Do your research and make an informed choice. I put emphasis on Choice.
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    Guillain Barre syndrome is caused also by exposure to the influenza virus in the wild...if you get the flu you could get GBS
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    Quote from tewdles
    Guillain Barre syndrome is caused also by exposure to the influenza virus in the wild...if you get the flu you could get GBS
    Yes, people seem to conveniently forget this fact when they mention vaccination conspiracy theories. Keep in mind that most GB is actually caused by viral illnesses, not vaccinations.
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    I *never* get the regular flu shot either. I'll take my chances with getting it the good old fashioned way.
    It is a matter of choice, my choice.
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    Quote from ozoneranger
    Do you remember the total screw-up with Park Davis during the 1976 vaccine program?
    I was born that year....don't remember much.