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Evidence of swine flu risk to pregnant women rises; experts urge early treatment Remember that the CDC is now recommending special considerations for pregnant HCW. Most hospitals and health... Read More

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    Quote from multicollinearity
    I would hope pregnant women will be given top priority when the vaccine comes out. We know there will not be enough vaccine to go around.
    Read more about the new method of reproducing vaccines. This process doesn't use eggs, an added advantage for persons allergic to them. It is faster, and allows sufficient amounts of vaccine within months, for every person in the USA. The vaccine is being manufactured here.

    Try looking more toward the positive, less on the negative. :spin:

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    Quote from indigo girl


    This is from a translation. With both asthma and a pregnancy, the outcome could be dismal.

    I believe that the following link is referring to the same young woman although they have listed her age as a year older than the translation above. The outcome is that another emergency c-section had to be done to save the baby of a young woman dying of swine flu...

    Originally Posted by www.pr-inside.com

    Quote from [url

    A 20-year-old woman in Madrid became Spain's first swine flu fatality on Tuesday, dying a day after giving birth to a healthy child via Cesarean section, the Health Ministry said.

    The Moroccan woman had a history of asthma and died of a respiratory disease caused by swine flu, the ministry said.
    She was 28 weeks pregnant and doctors performed a C-section on Monday. The ministry says the baby is healthy.
    The woman was hospitalized in Madrid on June 15.
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    Five Pregnant Women in ICU in Bay Area


    If this is what is happening in late June, what can we expect this fall?

    Dr. Mulvihill did not get her facts staight about the Tamiflu resistant case in Denmark. The case was female.

    (hat tip PFI/heddie)


    Quote from cbs5.com

    ...at least five pregnant women have been hospitalized in Bay Area intensive care units due to complications of the H1N1 swine flu.

    Sources said two of the five women are no longer in ICU, but they remained hospitalized. All the fetuses appeared to be fine, the sources indicated.

    This may be the first reported cluster of pregnant women infected with H1N1 in the country. One obstetrician who was consulted on all five cases told CBS 5 that he had never seen anything like this before.

    All the pregnant women are or were in their early third trimester. Some required intubation or help breathing, sources said.

    Some of these women were perfectly healthy, while others had underlying health conditions. While the doctor could not divulge what other health conditions these pregnant women had, the Centers for Disease Control said respiratory conditions such as allergies or asthma or even heart disease, may put a person at a higher risk.

    The CDC and the World Health Organization also warned that pregnancy itself may be a risk factor for contracting H1N1.

    CDC officials said they don't know why pregnant women may be at a higher risk for contracting swine flu or for complications following a swine flu infection. However, pregnant women, in general, have lowered immune systems.

    The doctor interviewed by CBS 5 believes that with infected pregnant women who are in their third trimester, the enlarging fetus in the uterus may be pushing up and against a woman's diaphragm to such a degree, that she can no longer breathe as deeply, and may be at higher risk for pneumonia.

    All public health officials and experts agree: if you are pregnant, and experience symptoms, do not panic; do not rush the emergency room or your doctor's office. Instead, call your doctor, describe your symptoms and ask whether you need to be tested.

    The symptoms are fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headaches, chills and fatigue and sometimes diarrhea and vomiting.

    The CDC said many pregnant women who are infected with H1N1 will not have a problem. However, for some, the illness might progress quickly and then, may be complicated by secondary bacteria infections, most likely pneumonia.

    As for treatment, certain antiviral medications may help. Tamiflu and Relenza are believed safe for use in pregnant and breast feeding women.
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    I have to admit that this is an awful translation, but I suffered through it. I think that the pregnant teacher was on the faculty of this dental school.

    Quote from www.infobae.com

    The three deaths in the Italian Hospital joined the other two officially announced that the government medical authorities in the province of Santa Fe and the two people who today confirmed the dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, UBA, María Beatriz Guglielmoti in C5N.

    The official said that in education a student and a teacher who was pregnant, were killed in the last few hours due to influenza A.
    (hat tip flutrackers/shiloh)
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    Costa Rica


    Quote from insidecostarica.com

    Three pregnant women are in the San Juan de Dios hospital, in San José, infected with the AH1N1 flu virus, according to the ministerio de Salud. One is intensive care suffering from pneumonia.

    Salud officials say the woman is in her 20th week of gestation and admitted to hospital last week, while the others are in isolation.

    Dr. Ana Morice, viceministra de Salud, expalined that the women are in the high risk group, similar to those who suffer from diabetes, chronic pulmonary and smokers.
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    I work in a hospital in Texas and currently a young women who had an emergent c-section, diagnosed with AH1N1, is currently on high frequency ossillating ventilation - HFOV -and NO2. Not sure how the baby is doing, but her prognosis is grim
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    Thank you for that information.

    Yes, if they have to do an emergency c-section, the prognosis is most likely very dismal. There have been two other emergency C-sections in Texas secondary to swine flu. Neither of the women survived.
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    Quote from www.diariovanguardia.com.py

    Una mujer embarazada, de 20 años de edad, sería la cuarta víctima de la influenza A H1N1. La misma falleció anoche en el hospital de Itauguá. El doctor Diego Gamarra, director de Salud, indicó que en las próximas horas se confirmaría la versión, una vez que se tenga el informe laboratorial sobre la causa del fallecimiento de la mujer.

    Ante la gravedad, los médicos procedieron a una cesárea para sacarle la criatura que se encuentra en observación en terapia intensiva. La joven trabajaba como empleada doméstica de una familia, algunos de cuyos integrantes dieron positivo a la influenza.
    Rough translation provided by Monotreme over at PFI.

    "A 20 year old pregnant woman was the fourth person in Paraguay to die of the new H1N1. She died last night in a hospital in Itaguá. Her child was delivered by Caesarean section before she died."
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    Kudos to all of the flu forums for providing all of the translated material in this thread. It is very time consuming to search out and translate. I am very grateful.

    Quote from flutrackers.com

    Source: http://www.lanacion.com.ar/nota.asp?...12921&toi=6256

    (Machine translation)

    A woman of 26 years, that days back gave birth to a baby in perfect condition, passed away last night because of the influenza To in the Iturraspe Hospital of the city of San Francisco, to 210 kilometers of the Cordovan capital. With this decease, they add the 56 deaths confirmed before the advance of the epidemic in the country.

    The young person is the first fatal victim of virus A/H1N1 in Cordova and passed away east Saturday around the 21 after remaining boarding school about 20 days, needed the director that welfare center, Mario Vignolo.

    "One week ago that the diagnosis in the Malbrán Institute had been confirmed", he informed.

    The patient had given birth to a baby by Caesarean days in a private clinic and later she was derived to the Iturraspe Hospital, where she passed away.

    The girl new born does not have sequels of the disease of her mother and "she is either, or she heals, without no complication", ratified Vignolo.

    Quote from flutrackers.com


    The last fatal case occurred in Iturraspe Hospital in Cordoba city of San Francisco. The youngest of 26 years died a few weeks after being placed and give birth to a bebe.

    A woman of 26 years became the first fatal case of swine flu in the province of Cordoba, with this death and 56 people were killed across the country as a result of this disease, according to official figures.

    The person died yesterday, about 21:00, at the Hospital of the city Iturraspe cordobesa San Francisco, a few weeks after being placed and give birth to a bebe.

    "The girl suffered complications after her caesarean section and required mechanical respiration, unfortunately could not escape and died of bilateral pneumonia," said the director of the Hospital Iturraspe Mario Vignolo, told Cadena 3.

    Diagnosis of swine influenza in the deceased patient had been confirmed last Tuesday by the Institute Malbrán and for the moment, it is unknown how they are spread.

    "This woman was admitted with this pregnancy to term, but with a flu-like box. When subjected to a caesarean section and respiratory complication was a bilateral pneumonia," he said.

    The specialist said that "the baby is well, is with his grandparents, was two days in neonatology, but without complications."

    "Pregnant women, then consider why they are far more vulnerable to this condition. They are a risk group and are doing all the swabs that are flu-like paintings," he explained.
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    Palm Beach County, Florida


    I do not ever recall hearing about several pregnant women dying from seasonal flu. I am sure that it does happen because any kind of influenza can kill but, if it happened this often, surely we would have heard about it.

    There were several early reports on this woman's death in which they gave no details other than sex and age. They seemed to be very reluctant to divulge the fact that she was pregnant. So, this was an emergency C-section, perhaps? They don't say...

    Quote from www.palmbeachpost.com

    She died, but her baby survived.

    That's all public health officials will say about a pregnant woman who, at 25, became Palm Beach County's first swine flu-associated fatality and the state's seventh.

    The young mother died June 27, the Florida Department of Health said Thursday. The announcement came on a day when President Obama told state leaders at a flu preparedness summit to plan for a widespread outbreak this fall.

    While the novel H1N1 flu strain is considered mild as influenza goes, it can cause serious and life-threatening complications for some.

    It has the potential to seriously burden the health system if its growth continues, Hopkins stressed.

    "The vast majority of people infected with this virus will do just fine. A few days of feeling rotten, and then they get better on their own," he said. "But let's just say one in 1,000 who gets infected gets sick enough to be hospitalized. If you have a million infected people, you have 1,000 hospitalized, and all of a sudden it begins to look like a big deal."

    The state is tracking details of the confirmed cases. Its data suggest that 55 of those infected were health care workers and 17 were pregnant women.

    It's unclear why pregnant women seem to develop more serious complications from the illness.

    In May, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, in a weekly journal, published the case histories of three pregnant women, suggesting that the changes to a woman's body that occur with pregnancy - including changes in her heart, lungs and immune systems - were what made the women vulnerable.

    The CDC has recommended that pregnant women be given Tamiflu and eventually a vaccine when one becomes available.
    (hat tip flutrackers/thebes)
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