Unable to take fluid without cramping???? - page 2

I have seen 3 or 4 different patients that I have that are fluid overloaded that I am unable to take a decent amount of fluid off of. Blood Pressures are great and sometimes hypertensive. 4-8kg fluid overload Common theme is... Read More

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    If you have a Crit line establish a hematocrit threshold, and never go above it

    If not consider weight for overall fluid removal, ask MD for 30 ml per kilo per treatment take it all in the first three and then reduce NA to 135 for last hour so they will not be thirsty UF to 300 hr, temp to 35 last hour for BP support if needed.

    The problem might be their plasma refill is to low, when you are crashing their blood volume you are stimulating thirst via high plasma NA even if corrected before tx DC it is still stimulated, telling them to not drink after that is less effective then telling a heroin addict to go cold turkey.

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