Training with Davita questions(RN)..

  1. Hi guys anybody here had previous training experience with Davita? I am an RN with 5 yrs exp in DOU. I am very interested in Dialysis finally I got a call from Davita and that they will train me. Just want to ask how much will be the starting salary during training (East LA area) and how long does it usually last and what are there schedules. I am currently full time in one of the hospitals and planning to stay full time while in training, do you guys think its possible? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Brookeylea
    If their training is anything like Fresenius you will not be able to work full time elsewhere. I trained M-F full days between class room and otj training, maybe DaVita is different.
  4. by   paul_9484
    Thanks for the input, hopefully they will be flexible with schedules.
  5. by   Guttercat
    Um. It's pretty intensive training...
  6. by   just keep swimming
    Training is 40 hrs per week if that is what you were hired for. Also, even if you have been a nurse forever, dialysis is a different world and your head will be swimming with new information. I wouldn't try to work another job...
  7. by   paul_9484
    Thanks, I am really excited to start but a little bit worried financially. How much do they usually pay new RN's undergoing training? I am willing to give up my current job but if it won't benefit my financial needs then it will really be hard. Any idea on starting pay for Davita in LA area?
  8. by   GeauxNursing
    Training is full-time, you probably won't be able to work elsewhere.
    Sorry I do not have any info on salary.
  9. by   Joni's Mom
    Your pay should be what they offered you as a dialysis nurse.
    Hope this helps.
  10. by   Coleebee
    DaVita (in Florida) pays the same rate for training that they do for Nurses. For example: I was hired at a certain rate of pay. It was not less during the training process. It did not go up after training.
  11. by   gardenwalker
    I've been an RN at DaVita in Oregon for almost a year now. Dialysis was new to me as well and it's a whole different ball game! I don't know about pay in L.A. but pay here is less than hospitals. The training is full time, I was sent away for a week to learn the tech job first (VERY important to know) then 3 days in another state for intense DaVita nursing prep.
    I'd have to say the training is excellent and I do love the job. If only the paid more.......
  12. by   Coleebee
    I make more at DaVita, than I did at the hospital. $2 more an hour. Florida however is a low pay state for everything. It is really bad in Central Florida too. I have heard that it varies from state to state. All I can tell you is that I am making what a graduate nurse makes in another state. I am making more than my former coworkers at the hospital.

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