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    Satellite Healthcare and Renal Advantage have major presents in the San Francisco Bay Area....Does anyone have any information on what the clinic environment is like? ..... Management Style? Culture? Patient Care? Staffing? Medical Benefits? The Pay in relation to the cost of living? ...... Please share your thoughts and experience ......................................!!!!!!
    I have read all the posting for DaVita and Fresenius....I know from past experience that all the negatives are true about Davita. The staffing ratio and cult mentality so you think it is ok to work 12 hours with out a break. I don't want to be placed in the same situation again, it is not a safe enviorment for the Patients or the Nurse. Thanks
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  3. by   larodgers
    Did you every find out anything regarding Satellite? I am also considering working for them!
  4. by   Gratefulprn
    I was offered a position with Davita last year...It was GREAT money but I was shocked when I was told the days are an "average" of 10-12 hours and that traveling to meetings within state and out of state was required. Though the clinic was nice and the people were and they seemed to be taking good care of the patients I realized though the wage is high, so is the cost to your personal life and time off.
  5. by   shopgirl35
    Stay FAR AWAY from Davita. I have been an RN in dialysis for twelve years and absolutely love it but they are absolutely the WORST. They will work you death and then give you all the BS about their core values and teamwork. Our clinic had no manager for over a year and the staff ended up doing most of managerial duties without being asked and, of course, with no extra pay. So, as the nurse, I got that on top of assessments, passing meds, documentation, etc.They sent a temp manager who came in once a month and didn't know his head from his a__hole. We had staff members who were told to come in on their days off and deliver lab tubes to hospital. Of course, all this was done without clocking in and without pay. Davita knew this was illegal but didn't have any problem with it. They brag about giving bonuses but these are tied to the labs, over which you have no control. So, if you have non compliant patients you can forget about bonuses. The amount of money they spend on their drunk fests would be better spent on giving staff raises or providing adequate staffing. You may get lucky and get a manager who really wants to do a good job and cares about the patients and the staff but they won't last. Patient care? Forget it. You are basically working on an assembly line and they will suck the life out of you. Getting time off. HAHA. My PTO hours were always maxed out because if I wanted time off they could never find another RN to cover for me. I had NEVER experienced that before, anywhere. They are like a cult. Even though they thought you were great while you worked for them once you leave you are bad, bad, bad and didn't exemplify their "core values." I started in dialysis working for a non profit and the difference is night and day. I have worked for other profits and they are still better than Davita. MY advise is if you can find a nonprofit (and they are all getting devoured by the big two) try that route. I am working in acutes now, not run by the big two and love it.
  6. by   NDXUFan
    Yes, everything that Shopgirl said is correct, I was in Home Dialysis at Davita for five years, they are awful to the Nursing staff.
  7. by   lindarn
    Dialysis nurses can unionize with NNOC, just as well as hospital nurses can. I would call them, and set up a meeting with them, and get the ball rolling.

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