Overwhelmed within 2 weeks!

  1. 0 Well I'm in my second week of training and feel a little frazzled. I know I have at least 8 more weeks of training but I hope that's enough. Does anyone remember feeling that way? It seems like there is SO much to absorb. I really have been wanting this job for a long time though and don't want to fail. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    I sure do remember. I've been a nurse for 30 years, in the last 6 years I've done agency and traveled. 8 hospitals in 5 years!
    Currently learning a new field (utilization management).

    Those first two weeks are the hardest. All of the basic material is presented.. then everything builds on that.
    I found keeping my questions to a minimum and concentrating on the instruction helped.
    Review the material every night at home, keep a mental and written list of what concepts you feel you aren't getting.
    I'm assuming you got the dialysis job. That technical application is difficult.. but not as hard as theory.

    You can do it... you went to nursing school, you can do anything!

    Good luck, keep us posted.
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    I work Ltc (I know it's different from subacute, nicu, er, etc) but I think everyone's first nursing job is scary. My orientation was 8 weeks and I think that gave me a good foundation to start but I really didn't start to really feel like a nurse until I was on the floor alone after a month or so.. I have had a majority of good days but some have been extremely overwhelming and scary I'm gritting my teeth wanting the shift to be over. Your a nurse and your capable of a,amazing things it just takes time being newbies good luck to you!
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    Keep your head up and stay in your toes . You posting this shows how much you want to succeed as a nurse. I'm still in my first year a d its still tough but it gets a little easier and you will feel more comfortable. Best of luck you will be great!!
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    I always tell my new staff that it will take you 6 months to feel comfortable and a year before you truly understand dialysis completely.

    I am sure that if you need more time on orientation, that could be possible to extend your time. It can be overwhelming at times, but you will do fine!
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    Well I really appreciate everyone's comments. Some really good tips. My preceptor and clinic manager keep telling me I'm doing really good, so I will have to trust them and take one day at a time. I feel all thumbs setting up the machines still, but I'm sure it will get better.
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    Sounds normal to me. You didn't say what if other nursing experience you have; but even ICU nurses get frustrated when they "can't get it" as fast as they expected. Will look forward to hearing your updates.
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    I was in Med-Surg for aprox 1.5 years, respiratory therapist for 18 years, so... NOT a lot of nursing experience. Hope I made the right move. It's getting better, not so stressed out. finishing week 4. I have a LOT to learn, but look forward to being in the clinic and really getting to know my patients. I will be working in a small clinic, 12 chairs. I feel like I'm getting a really good orientation and training. Thanks for posting everyone!!
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    Trust that it will get even more stressfull when you're on your own. When you have to take resposibility for checking labs and calling the MD for bath changes at the same time you have 8 put-on's that need assessments etc etc etc. But once you find your groove you'll be fine. Whoever said that Dialysis nurse was easy has never worked as a dialysis nurse.
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