Helpful links for nurses and dialysis patients

  1. Having been a dialysis nurse several years ago, and now a HH nurse with patients who also are on dialysis, I have spent hours online finding helpful educational materials to send out to the home.. especially for those patients new to dialysis.

    I will list some of these links for your use...most are print ready, and I have found our patients are most appreciative of anything we can offer them to help them with gaining a greater understanding of dialysis and their restrictive diets.

    Hope this will be helpful to both nurses and your patients !

    And this site is quite interesting and enjoyable... gives some real perspective and insight to our patients on dialysis.. their concerns and struggles... and shared recipes !!!
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    Thanks so much. Lets make this a sticky.
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    Thanx, Trauma ! I'll add more in time as I come across them. For patients with computer savvy, I also give them links to helpful websites. These patients unfortunately don't get much initial information from their nephrologist, and while we had handouts and provided education at the dialysis clinic, the info provided in the links above are far more in depth, so they can enjoy reading up on the materials later in the comfort of their homes rather than while feeling poorly during treatment.
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    My favorite, The Renal Fellow Network. Where else can you find a discussion on why bears don't go into renal failure when they hibernate?

    Renal Fellow Network

    Renal Fellow Network: Do hibernating bears urinate?

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    Dr Joel Topf's blog Precious Bodily Fluids. He is very interested in sharing infromation and embraces the new forms of social media to educate those interested in nephrology. He also has a wicked sense of humor.

    Precious Bodily Fluids
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    Try this for dialysis nurses and PCTs:
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    Thx a lot