Experience nurse exam

  1. Hi,

    Can anyone give me some insite on a test we have to take for our new company.
    Competency Exam for Experienced nurses. There is also a test that our techs have
    to take.
    We have to take this test by the middle of Nov. and I just found out about it
    today. It states that the score will be reflected on the Teammates transcript.
    Didn't know I have a transcript.

    If you fail can you take the test again?

    Anyone have to take this test? Is this a test to weed out some nurses?

    Be aware if your company has been taken over, you too will have to take this test.
    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I'm gathering this is an FMC exam?

    I know that yes, the nursing staff as well as the techs have to take a competency test each year in order to prove their proficiency. This is no difference than yearly competencies in the hospital.

    If it is FMC, I know the company provides study materials. You get two chances to take and pass the test.
  4. by   Joni's Mom
    Thanks for responding
    No it's the other big company.

    We received no study material that I know of, and have not taken this type of test
    for dialysis nurse.
    Can you tell me what is on the test you took, and how hard the exam is? What kind of
    study material did you get? Should I be worried?

    If you don't pass in two tries are you let go?
    Would you receive unemployment if you failed and are let go?
  5. by   Tish88
    I have taken the competency exam for both of the 2 large companies and I was never given study material. The test is very easy, you just apply the knowledge you have about dialysis.

    I think you have to score an 80% to pass. Many states require this to be done by the employee for the Dept. of Health surveys and be placed in the employee file for them to review.

    You could use the core curriculum to study if you feel you need to. That is the material that you are tested on.

    I don't know anyone who has failed it yet - and I have taken them for many years.
  6. by   pinoytech
    just took one test (fmc challenge test for experienced nurses) and passed it. no study material given. it was to test knowledge abt dialysis. i think pretty basic. need to knw some basic lab values too, of course for dialysis-related labs only. gudluck !
  7. by   Joni's Mom
    Thanks to all that responded.

    I passed with flying colors.
    Didn't think I knew so much, mostly common sense. Even a question on hand washing.
  8. by   shaversd
    That's good to know, I take the test on Wednesday.

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