Drugs that get dialyzed out of circulation?

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    Is there a book or website out there that list which drugs get/don't get dialyzed out? I got busted by pharmacy for holding zyvox IV (because of HD), apparently zyvox doesn't get dialyzed out (according to the pharmacist). Also, are pain meds just as effective during HD?


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    Go to www.ckdinsights.com

    you can print out a copy of the meds "2009 Dialysis of Drugs" or request a book.

    Hope this helps!
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    The book I mentioned above from www.ckdinsights.com , is small enough to slip into your pocket and comes in handy especially when doing acute treatments.
    It fits into a med cabinet easily too.
    I just ordered 10 more for my acute staff since it is the 2009 edition. They are free!
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    These are awesome references that is invaluable to all nurses. I appreciate reading things like this because I too would like to become a Nephrology nurse. Though the situation seemed bleak right now, there is a way to reach this goal. I keep myself abreast to discussions on what nurses are looking for, training later on is much easier knowing how to work around the team.

    I heard a lot of negatives esp. with job roles, company that only look at bottomline, home health aspect of HD, etc. I truly appreciate this site.

    Thanks! and keep up the good work!
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    Thanks about the little books...free is awesome. I wish pharmacy would tag on mar what to hold for dialysis on the mars! But some mars don't even say don't crush, or don't give w vitamins, take w food, must sit upright for 30min after, etc.

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