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i took the $2400 dialysis course (1 week long) and was pretty much promised it would be "easy" to land a position. well, it isn't. does anyone know of a dialysis facility (chronic) that will hire a... Read More

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    Hi, it took me four months but I finally landed a job with DaVita and I have 5+ years as an acute care med/surg nurse.
    Good Luck!!!
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    I suggest applying directly to their web site instead of via monster.com etc. Also, if you can get the recruiters name/fax send your info directly to them. I was offered a position at FMC but after the offer and acceptance...the responsibilities changed and I wasn't willing to travel..had I known to ask before accepting the position or was informed part of the training involves travel I would've declined and it would've saved myself and them a headache.
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    Good advice...a walk in is how I landed my new position at a dialysis clinic recently.
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    I have an Interview with Davita today! I am ambivalent about leaving the hospital. I am a clinically oriented nurse getting my ANP. In your opinion, is doing Dialysis a good move? My goal is clinical NP.
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    Have you found anything yet? Out in the east coast there seem to be a number of jobs. I cannot figure out why IL has this nursing issue.
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    I applied online at DaVita, with no dialysis experience, and they emailed me back in a couple hrs about a phone interview. The next week I met with the FA and was hired on the spot. Not one of the interviews really asked me anything about myself or nursing background (Rehab, LTC). I figured they were just looking for an RN. This is in STL, MO area. Then when I did the Theory class I learned I was only the 4th nurse hired in like 6 months. I think I got really lucky!! I LOVE my job, but man is it definitely a speciality area. I am doing the job of a PCT and a nurse!!!
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    Awesome sophie. I think dialysis nursing is not promoted much. in fact i think people shy away from it. Great for me. I plan on going into this.
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    Quote from katherine100
    Awesome sophie. I think dialysis nursing is not promoted much. in fact i think people shy away from it. Great for me. I plan on going into this.
    Good Luck!!
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    How much does an RN dialysis salary in Hawaii? Particularly with FMC?