Computer charting in dialysis.

  1. 0 Hi, everyone!! I am a dialysis RN who is now doing travel. This is my first gig...and I have a question. How many units have incorporated computer only charting? I am finding that the comp charting is sooo time consuming, they hire LPN's to take some of the work load. I can't believe this can fiscally be carried for long term. Any thoughts??
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    Lol. I work in several fresenius units and AMI is the most archaic system ever! Most of my units are going to E-cube in the next few months. Suposed to be better. I use Acumen which was developed for nephrology practices.
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    My Fresenius unit has had ecube for the last couple of years and the staff hates it. I have been there only a couple of months, so didn't use the old system. I am still learning the system. The biggest headache I can see write now is that you have to enter so many things twice because it does not communicate with chairside so we have to chart in both systems. I feel dumb charting too much in chairside because it disappears in 24 hours. But, we have to type it in both places.
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    Ecube or proton both archaic crash alot. At my fmc unit. Got new machines tech service got them all hooked and ready go except calibrating the touch screen and key board. It's sad that this was not done with everything else to get these machines ready staff is changing passwords constantly. Something as important to your job as charting should flow and make our job easier. Not at FMC . I guess staff has that responsibility

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