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AV fistulas and lines. - page 2

Recently, I had a pt admitted to the ICU with a LUE av fistula and a LUE Picc line. He was hypotensive, so he got an art line... In his left radial. I was always under the impression that NO lines... Read More

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    Oh, wow. I work in a large teaching hospital in a Neuro ICU and I have never seen a pt that was not a candidate for a trach... C spine injuries and all. You truly just never know until it happens.Vent farm, I like that...I had the guy today again actually. Weaned off the Levo with a few fluid boluses. Sedation off. Still cvvhing. Follows commands x 4. Maybe extubate tomorrow? We shall see!

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    He is now getting iHD, aox3, and asking when he can get out of "here." :-)
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    Quote from MLB55
    He is now getting iHD, aox3, and asking when he can get out of "here." :-)
    Very cool.
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    that's what you take in neuro ICU? I had no idea
    What's his neuro issue?
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    No neuro issues. Just a micu overflow! My first time cvvhing, I think it went well as he looked as he was not going to make it out.
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    I had a patient the other day who apparently had mulitple AVF that got infected and wouldn't work. He had old ones in both arms, recently had a catheter placed in his right groin but that got infected so they placed one in his left. Needless to say, he was scheduled for a permacath placement that AM.

    My question is since he has old fistulas that are not working or usable in both upper extremities, would it be ok to stick/use those arms? I would say yes since the AVF are not working/there is no use for them.

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    Yes, that should be fine. I would always clear it with nephrologist first