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I just read a company email that FMC is boasting a "9% increase in revenue to $1,876 million & dialysis services revenue also increased 9% to $1,677 million" for the second quarter of 2009. But when the employees at our clinic... Read More

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    I can always count on you, GC, for my ah-HA! moment in all this!
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    The comment about DaVita and overtime is true.
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    That is really goofy about the protein shakes.
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    Trust me, I believe you. I would be shocked if it was the other way around.
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    You mean Fricking mother *******s. Yes I quit there after 12years as an Lpn ans 22 as Rn they are top heavy cheap and greedy I quit ASAP when they bought us out, I orginally worked for them when they were BMA
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    Quote from Valerie Salva
    If anyone needs a union, it's FMC nurses.

    I worked at an FMC unit where we were required to give protein drinks to pts whose albumins were =/> than 3.4, but less than 3.9. We were not permitted to give the drinks to pts whose albumins were lower than 3.4.
    And here is the reason told to me by an FMC mgr:

    "If we give the drink to pts whose numbers are at least 3.4, we can bring them up enough in time for their next labs so that our numbers look good. Pts whose albumins are less than 3.4 won't come up in time or enough to make us look good on the next lab results, so they don't get any of the drink."

    In other words- "if you are a pt whose albumin is low, screw ya. You can't make FMC look good, so we won't bother with you. If your albumin is borderline, we'll help you out because it will make us look better."

    I'm waxing kitchen-table level philosophy here but...

    ...your post is a singularly interesting anecdote for the world as it is.
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    Mudman123 or anyone, where can a nurse with so many years of dialysis experience find a job after leaving FMC other than the other Big Corporate Dialysis Center, Davita. For me anyway, I'm forever a dialysis nurse for potential employers because I have worked in dialysis for many years. So how does one get out of dialysis nursing after working in dialysis for years.
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    As I understand, the facility administrators receive a hefty bonus if they can save money... the floor staff gets zilch nothing...this is what I have been told, not sure if it is accurate. One would think if the companies are making so much money that there would be incentives for staff to deliver safe care.. If you want to view some inspection reports to really see how some facilities provide care go to

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