Taking the CDE

  1. 0 Hi,

    So I am getting ready to take the CDE exam in about a month, it is my first time...anyone have any pointers/stories for me?

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    Just saw this now- did you take it yet? If so how did it go?
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    I passed! And it feels great!
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    What was the test like? Which areas were most difficult?
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    For me, the hardest content areas were the program planning and the more Type 1 related questions like insulin pumps and correction doses. (YMMV).

    It's all multiple choice and a lot of the questions were set up as - choose the best answer, and there were two wrong choices and two correct choices. Like "which one should you do first?" and you had to guess which one of the two correct choices they think you should do first in their hypothetical scenario.
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    Thanks for the information! It sounds like a tough test, but should be since CDEs help patients with such important issues.
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    Congratulations! Im looking into taking the test. What courses are there that are credible? Im in canada, I have no idea where to start!!
    Any info would help. Thanks
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    I would appreciate any advice on preparing for the CDE exam. I'm scheduled to take exam on November 4, 2013 and feel completely overwhelmed. How to organize to study? What are the best books/resources?

    Thank You, Robert
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    Belated congrats, Boston!

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