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Just a Dizzy Dame Type Question....HeeHee

  1. 0 Does anyone know anything about vertigo caused by diabetic damage to nerves in the head and ears? Can anyone point me to a website with useful information regarding this?
    Let me point out that I am not looking for medical advise. I have enough doctors giving that already...heeheehee. This condition is somewhat new to me and I am just trying to learn as much as possible about it. My cardiologist gave me a couple of possible names to associate it with since I do not have a diagnosis set in stone until I go through a bunch of exams with ENT's and Neurologists in a few weeks. The only one I can remember off hand is Vestibular Neuronitis I believe. I believe another one was something similar to positional vertigo but I don't have my notebook right here in front of me so I can't remember exactly. Can anyone point me in the direction of useful info?

    Thanks alot,

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    No help from anywhere? Hmmmmm?
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    I've never seen either dx associated with diabetic issues as directly related.

    Here are a few links:





    Please stay in close contact with your HCP. Hope you soon receive a clear-cut dx.

    Good luck.
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    check your pm's please! good luck
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    For tips on how to deal with chronic vertigo on a daily you might want to explore the literature on hearing loss and/or Meniere's Disease. While the cause of your balance problems might be different, the day-to-day coping mechanisms used by people with balance deficits from other causes might be helpful to you.

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