Conflict with preceptor over re-checking blood glucose - page 2

I have started at a new facility. I am not a new nurse, just new to the facility. A patient had a very high blood sugar. I had never seen the BS this high for the patient. I rechecked it to make sure... Read More

  1. by   systoly
    sorry folks, but simply re checking with the same glucometer makes no sense, unless
    you suspect problems with the technique such as poor site preparation or drop size
    given that one has verified the device has been properly calibrated, why would you use
    the same device you suspect to have given a false reading
    i don't disagree with getting a second reading per se, but why would you do the same exact thing
    twice when you suspect something went wrong the first time
  2. by   jallen326
    It's policy at my facility to recheck the blood sugar if low or high and it even directs you to do do on the machine in case you have a mental lapse in judgement
  3. by   sadiemae1123
    Our hospital policy is to recheck abnormal highs or lows and if there is a difference of more than 15% to get a venous draw.