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I have started at a new facility. I am not a new nurse, just new to the facility. A patient had a very high blood sugar. I had never seen the BS this high for the patient. I rechecked it to make sure it was not a false high, but... Read More

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    I'm not a nurse, yet, but I figure what could it hurt to test again? I've been diabetic for quite a long time and I think I even learned this in diabetes education: if my blood sugar is abnormally high or low, I always re-check it.

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    I recheck, and on the other hand.
    All hospital juices are formulated to each have 15g carbs in 120 mls/4 oz. In real life, grape juice is the sugariest of fruit juices (more than orange) but as long as you've got your 15g in, it doesn't matter what you use, of course except for the renals. Last place I worked, where I would write "FS AC/HS" on the diet part of the pt whiteboard, I would make sure to write "No orange juice!" if they were renal, because the techs will just run and grab juice if someone is low (calling me at the same time) and I want them to know.
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    1) Agree to disagree with your preceptor on this.
    2) Double check your facility policy but always err on the side of making certain that you are not treating a patient for equipment or test failure. Imagine resuscitating a patient because their monitor lead was disconnected...treating a falsely high or low lab because of user or product failure is the same thing. Especially if the appearance of the patient does not support the result you are seeing.
    3) Understand that thinking critically rather than performing tasks by rote is what differentiates professional nurses from other unlicensed technicians.
    4) remember that you will be held accountable for what you did or did not do. If something untoward were to happen you would be held to the standards expected from a properly educated and licensed RN, regardless of what the preceptor told you.
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    sorry folks, but simply re checking with the same glucometer makes no sense, unless
    you suspect problems with the technique such as poor site preparation or drop size
    given that one has verified the device has been properly calibrated, why would you use
    the same device you suspect to have given a false reading
    i don't disagree with getting a second reading per se, but why would you do the same exact thing
    twice when you suspect something went wrong the first time
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    It's policy at my facility to recheck the blood sugar if low or high and it even directs you to do do on the machine in case you have a mental lapse in judgement
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    Our hospital policy is to recheck abnormal highs or lows and if there is a difference of more than 15% to get a venous draw.

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