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How is it like to have patients who are autistic or with down syndrome? Do you have the patience and magic touch as a nurse? Can you tickle their mind and hearts in order for them to agree with your interventions? Children who... Read More

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    i cut my school nursing teeth in a special ed school. It was a challenging and wonderful experience! I loved being able to celebrate the children's victories with them, no matter how small. Working in this school provided me a really strong basis for my public school career.
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    I've been working in this field for 20+ years, although only recently as a nurse. It's the most rewarding job I could ever imagine. I meet so many wonderful people, kids, parents and support staff. All the children surprise me with what they accomplish, because they all have the ability to do something (rollover, smile, talk, walk) that their parents were told they could never do. I never underestimate these kids or their families. They surprise and delight me daily.
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    Thank you for sharing this. Hopefully your personal experiences as the older sibling of a child with special needs can serve as a helping hand to others out there who might be in similar situations.
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    beautiful! ❤️
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    Well said.

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