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  1. 0 Are there any LPN programs in the Wilmington area or nearby PA? Someone told me of a Harris School but I can't find anything on the internet.
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    Delaware Skills center has a program but is very competetive. I don't know of any other ones in Wilmington. Terry Campus at Del Tech has one and I have heard of one in Salem County NJ also. I don't know anything about the Programs in PA-sorry. Good luck
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    Check Camtech,at Newport.
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    didn't realize there were LPN programs in the wilmington area
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    Quote from Mineee45
    didn't realize there were LPN programs in the wilmington area
    Its a small program, but I think they expanded and now even have night classes. You see advertisements for the classes usually only twice a year. The program is located in Howard High School's continuing education department (At least it was a couple years ago).
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    There arent many programs around here that offer LPN training, but there are a few...

    Del Tech www.dtcc.edu

    Delaware Skills Center www.deskillscenter.org

    Delaware Institute of Health Sciences http://dihsinc.com/index.html

    Hope this helped some.

    Good Luck ! :redpinkhe
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    We have the best approach to discover online LPN programs and acquire a Licensed Practical Nurse Degree.
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    Am new in delaware n am trying to go to camtech lpn school in Newport Delaware has anyone been to that school before. Do they Pass NCLEX? IT'S A GOOD SCHOOL? PLS HELP ME OUT COZ I DNT WANNA WAIST MY MONEY N TIME