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  1. Are there any LPN programs in the Wilmington area or nearby PA? Someone told me of a Harris School but I can't find anything on the internet.
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  3. by   MelodyRNurse
    Delaware Skills center has a program but is very competetive. I don't know of any other ones in Wilmington. Terry Campus at Del Tech has one and I have heard of one in Salem County NJ also. I don't know anything about the Programs in PA-sorry. Good luck
  4. by   oliva
    Check Camtech,at Newport.
  5. by   Mineee45
    didn't realize there were LPN programs in the wilmington area
  6. by   MelodyRNurse
    Quote from Mineee45
    didn't realize there were LPN programs in the wilmington area
    Its a small program, but I think they expanded and now even have night classes. You see advertisements for the classes usually only twice a year. The program is located in Howard High School's continuing education department (At least it was a couple years ago).
  7. by   jellybean321
    There arent many programs around here that offer LPN training, but there are a few...

    Del Tech www.dtcc.edu

    Delaware Skills Center www.deskillscenter.org

    Delaware Institute of Health Sciences http://dihsinc.com/index.html

    Hope this helped some.

    Good Luck ! :redpinkhe
  8. by   nursingx
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  9. by   cheasel
    Am new in delaware n am trying to go to camtech lpn school in Newport Delaware has anyone been to that school before. Do they Pass NCLEX? IT'S A GOOD SCHOOL? PLS HELP ME OUT COZ I DNT WANNA WAIST MY MONEY N TIME