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  1. I live in the northeast corner of Maryland. Can anyone tell me of LPN programs in the area? I know of Cecil College. Someone told me of a Harris School in Delaware that has a nine-month program but I can't find anything on the internet.
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  3. by   KLM13
    Harris School is in Wilmington, DE They don't have an LPN Program it is a CMA Program. There is the Delaware Institute of Health Sciences and Del-Tech in Dover has an LPN Program.
  4. by   ekm

    If you go to the Delaware Board of Nursing site, you will find the schools listed there that are approved Nursing Programs in Delaware. I've given the link, but you should still look at the web site.

  5. by   just being me
    I am interested in the PN program at Camtech and i was wondering if anybody could tell me if they are an accredited school? If i wanted to move on to become an RN could i transfer my credits or would they be no good once i leave Camtech? Help!! Thank you
  6. by   baglady215
    Check out CAT-Brandywine in West Grove, Chester County, PA. It's not far from MD. I live in Bear, DE and it's about 35 mins for me.

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