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    Just wondering if there are any other Del Tech students out there??? I go to owens campus.:hatparty: :hatparty:

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    Yes, I go to the Stanton campus.
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    Hi I also go to the Stanton Campus
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    I also go to Del Tech - Stanton Campus. I'm in 3rd semester of clinicals right now. How about the rest of you Del Techers?

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    I am only in my 2nd semester prerequesites, I can't wait for the clinicals!
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    DTCC Terry Campus in my 2nd semester of clinicals
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    i go to the owens campus! Wow, I haven't met anyone on here from Owens.
    you should email me at jennhkl@yahoo.com
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    I'm at the Stanton Campus too, starting at the VA hospital on Monday. Can't wait. I've worked sooooooo hard to keep a 4.0 hoping that it'll help keep my gPA up thru clinicals. guess we'll see about that one LOL. my instructor actually had the nerve to tell me I was too excited to be in clinicals. another LOL. If that's the worst I am then I consider myself and my potential patients pretty damn lucky!!!! Good luck to you!
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    Owens DTCC student here. Just graduated in PN program and entering RN program in August
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    Hi I am working my way into clinicals and I was wondering how many points you guys had when you were accepted. I am hoping to have 16, and get in to them the spring of 07.

    all replies are welcome along with any tips!

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