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    Hello nursing students!! I am wondering if there are any DTCC prospective nursing students here? I am applying in August to Stanton's program! Anyone else? If so, how are you doing on your ranking sheet with points? And have you taken the NLN yet? I'd like to talk about scores and this new HLH 130 course!!!

    Or if anyone is currently in or previously had clinicals at DTCC please share your experience and give any tips!!!
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    im interested in the jan 2014 nursing class....but im currently studying for the NLN exam. i know the higher i score the better, and i believe the deadline to take the test is 7/15..also the HLH course i hear you dont need it to apply for the program so i guess u can take it while you have a seat in the program...im not tintrested oo sure about the ranking system but with the classes ive already taken my number is at 25 so im hoping thats a good start but then again i could be adding the points wrong but hopefully i have a good shot at getting accepted i really need this
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    The class is exempt if you are a CNA btw
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    Awesome! Have you taken the NLN yet? And yes, I did find out that you do not need the HLH course to apply. 25 seems like it could be a little off since you hadn't taken the NLN yet. Are you done all of your pre-reqs? I need to get it too! Best of luck!
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    hey every1 its getting close to time to apply!!!! goodluck, and yea your are right i was calculating my score so wrong i think. i go see my adviser tomorrow and hopefully he can tell me how many points i have. i took the nln and got a 84 so hopefully that will be good enough. Does anyone know the minimum points that were accepted last year?
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    Not sure but Im guessing 20 and above out of a maximum of 25 points. I just finished MAT119 which hadnt transferred in. Applied Aug 1st and Im ready for an answer already
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    i will apply on monday.. i was too nervous to go on the first lol but the maximum points is 29 so im guessing anthing in the 20's will be good enough (hopefully). and they get back to us pretty fast i believe we will know before the 15th of september so we dont have a long wait...im anxious lol
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    Delaware Residency (see Residency Policy, DTCC Student Handbook) (1 point)

    Courses Completed
    Science Courses: Students will receive 2 points for each course successfully
    completed (grade C or better). Additional points will be given for an A or B grade.
    * Transfer courses see below
    BIO 120 – Anatomy & Physiology I
    A (4 points) B (3 points) C______(2 points)
    BIO 121 – Anatomy & Physiology II
    A (4 points) B (3 points) C______(2 points)
    BIO 125 – Introductory Microbiology
    A (4 points) B ( 3 points) C_____ (2 points)
    MAT 119-Applied Clinical Mathematics
    A_____ (4 points) B______ (3 points) C_____ (2 points)

    Related Courses: Students will receive 1 point for each course successfully (17)
    completed (grade of C or better)

    RDG 120-Critical Reading and Thinking-exempt (2 points) OR
    completed with a passing grade (1 point)
    ENG 121 – Composition (1 point)
    ENG 122 – Technical Writing and Communication (1 point)
    PSY 127 – Human Development (1 point)
    SOC 111 – Sociology (1 point)

    Points will be included from the NLN Pre-Admission Exam Scores as follows:
    NLN Pre-Admission Exam Score:
    90-99 – (6 points)
    80-89 – (5 points)
    70-79 – (4 points)
    60-69 – (3 points)
    50-59 – (2 points)

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    What campus are you talking about? Stanton right?
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    Correction, I think 25 out of 29 points is whats necessary

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